MadOut (L) (RUS / ENG) (2015) torrent download

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Genre: Racing (Cars) / 3D
Developer: Nuligine
Publisher: Nuligine
Developer website: Nuligine
Language: Multilingual / English
Platform: PC
Tablet: (TiNYiSO)

System requirements:

Operating System: Windows Vista / 7/8
Processor: 1.5 GHz
Memory: 1 GB
Video: 256 MB
Hard disk space: 300 MB


Madout - arcade-fighting race. Gouging, bouncing on the bumps do not always fit into corners, they are flying at maximum speed, drawn by one desire: to catch. Win.Rivals were better in every way. Take first place.Where in other games could push the enemy side, introducing it with a sharp turn, here you can shoot him the hell out of the wheel, so it beautifully screeching, turned his back on the track andcolorful burst. There are no rules - only the need to win, and you can create any mayhem.Shoot missiles, crop, better weapons, mining track - to all the other drivers were trembling. It is also possible and improve the machine. They are 15, each unique and different from others.The appearance, speed, obeying the helm, the severity - here, in a world that is subject to physics almost as much as the real, all this is very important. Not vedesh on trampoline - goodbye, the car starts again.

15 different cars, from quick and easy to sports cars do not kill 6-wheeled jeeps
More than 50 unique tracks, city of skyscrapers replaced scorched desert, abandoned airport Cote d'Azur
Different weather - bright sunny day, dark night with a thick fog
Opponents on the road will not relax - because it also tends to be the first!
Physics Machines - worked out very well, "NOT UTUYUG" and "not a simulator," a cross and a very nice thing to play with!
Destroy the world - spread the poles, trees, fences!
Weapons - rockets, machine guns and mines
Levels elaborated specifically for racing games, smooth turns and a full understanding of where to go!
Bonuses on the track - Health, Armor, nitrogen Weapons!
Excellent special effects, explosions, explosions, smoke from under the wheels, the light from the headlights to the shadows! All wrong!
Realistic destruction - windows and doors are on the ground after the first rocket! A machine can smash the enemy into the trash!


Run setup.exe, to install the game
Copy the contents of the folder TiNYiSO a folder with a game, with the replacement of

MadOut (L) (RUS / ENG) (2015)

MadOut (L) (RUS / ENG) (2015)

MadOut (L) (RUS / ENG) (2015)

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