Heaven Taxi 4 (2011) torrent download

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What do you prefer - the role of the elite secret service agent or a popular artist? Why choose when you can combine!Saving the world, fight with the bandits, and shooting in the clips - a little mouse Mitch you have not seen it! Siberia, Moscow, Brazil and sacred places - be careful, because the circle of spies, even underground!Yes and no weapons villains to save - in their arsenal of dynamite, knives, freeze bullets and lots of other nasty gizmos.Let them fight back - Undermine their base, they run box, or simply jump - it is sure will work!But in the case of what you will gain wonderful costume - with air bandits strafe with it, you just get! You are waiting for the amazing treasures, and unforgettable adventure!Pack your bags, but suits gather a little more - are going to save the world after all. And do not forget to call a taxi - special agents and other means of transport do not enjoy!

Release date: August 2011
Release date in Russia: October 2011
Genre: Arcade, Casual, Platform

Developer: Awem Studio
Published: Awem Studio
Published in Russian: Alawar Entertainment

Language: Multilingual
Sound language: n / a (not available)
Publication Type: pirates

System requirements:
Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7
Processor: 1Ghz
RAM: 512 Mb
Additional software: DirectX 9.0
Free hard disk space: 140 Mb

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