Goodbye Deponia (2013, RUS, ENG, MULTi4 / ENG, GER, L) - PROPHET torrent download

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Developer: Daedalic Entertainment
Published: Daedalic Entertainment
Year: 2013
Publication Type: License [L]
Tablet: - PROPHET
Language: RUS, ENG, MULTi4
Voice set Language: ENG, GER
Version of the game - v3.2.4.3314


Goodbye Deponia - an epic conclusion of the trilogy deponia restless and adventurous Rufus!

More chaos, more destruction, more than Rufus.Not one, not two, but three Rufus turn the world upside down in a highly anticipated comedy adventure point & click "Goodbye Deponiya!" Organon plotting to destroy Deponiyu, cute Goul (again) disappeared and the anti-hero Rufus always confused at his feet.

All dreamed inventive and freedom-Rufus, was to leave the planet Deponiya, turned into a giant landfill, and to go to Elysium - orbital station and a paradise for highersectors of society. Goul, a girl from the Elysium from which Rufus once lost his head, is still the key to its ambitions ... and to the door, which leads into the space paradise. So Rufus seems, has developed the perfect plan.

However, everything that could go wrong, of course, went wrong. Rufus rebounding (first incognito) on board the cruiser among fierce minions Organon and Goul disappears somewhere.When Rufus stumbles upon a machine to clone, he decided that he had found a way out. Clone can help him get out of this alteration.However strange error confuses all maps and Goul again eludes our hero. Now in front of him are three main tasks: It must again find Goul, get into Elysium and Deponiyu save from destruction which threatens her Organon.
These tasks forces only three Rufus - and now the hapless inventor decides to clone yourself! It can be great to confuse players: Player "A Farewell to Deponiya!" must manage all three
Rufus, so that all the tasks they performed together - despite the fact that often prevents Rufus himself.

• The action of the classic adventure game point & click takes place in a unique world created in the tradition of Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett and Matt Groening.
• The epic conclusion of the cult series of games Deponii.
• unique comic style and high-quality two-dimensional graphics, created by hand.
• Game screen filled with music and well-designed animations.

Mount image in DAEMON Tools or Alcohol
Install the game by running setup.exe
Copy the contents of the folder Crack (on the way) in the game folder, replacing

System requirements:

• Operating System: Windows® XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
• Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo processor with a clock speed of 2.2 GHz
• RAM: 2 GB
• Video card with 256 MB VRAM
• Sound device: compatible with DirectX
• Hard drive space: 5 GB

Goodbye Deponia (2013, RUS, ENG, MULTi4 / ENG, GER, L) - PROPHET

Goodbye Deponia (2013, RUS, ENG, MULTi4 / ENG, GER, L) - PROPHET

Goodbye Deponia (2013, RUS, ENG, MULTi4 / ENG, GER, L) - PROPHET

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