Rustle: Last visit / Scratches: Director's Cut (2007) PC | License download torrent

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Genre: adventure, horror
Developer: Nucleosys
Publisher: Got Game Entertainment
Platform: PC
Publication Type: License
Language: Russian
The voice language: Russian
Tablet: yes

System requirements:
Processor with a clock speed of at least 1.0 GHz
128 MB of RAM
Video card with RAM at least 32 MB and supports OpenGL 2.0
Sound card
800 MB free hard disk space

Optimal configuration:
Processor with a clock speed of 1.8 GHz
256 MB RAM memory
Video card with 64 MB of RAM and support for OpenGL 2.0
Sound card with support for multichannel audio 5.1
800 MB free hard disk space

The protagonist of the first game - Artheyt Michael, an aspiring writer, suddenly became rich by selling his debut novel.On that fateful day, he moves into an impressive Victorian mansion, which had just acquired.While Michael is looking for inspiration to finish his next highly anticipated novel, he discovers the terrible secrets stored within the walls of an old mansion.One of them - the mystery concerning the strange fate of the family Blackwood, former owners. Few know what exactly happened in the mansion ... What did James T. Blackwood so mad that he brutally murdered his wife and then, allegedly, committed suicide.
Eager to uncover a forgotten thing, Michael decides to find out what really happened.But as the pieces of the puzzle are added into one, he suddenly realizes that his life is in danger. Soon, Michael begins to feel that his arrival could disturb some dark forces, who for many years, holding, waiting for a new victim. ...
In addition to the game will provide an exciting new chapter in this country's history. You will have the opportunity to try on the role of reporter Peter Banks, who again tries to unravel the mystery of Blackwood Manor before the house will be demolished.
There are lots of obstacles that require intuition and ingenuity. Quick response here will not help.We'll have to wake up your creativity required to overcome the difficulties and solve all puzzles.All puzzles are completely different, so any general advice on how to beat the game, unfortunately, will not help. Each time you will wait for a new challenge, which will have to answer yourself, if you will manage it - a question only your intellect.

A new chapter has known fascinating history;
A higher resolution screen with a fully updated graphics;
The all-new character control system;
Shocking and previously unseen variant of alternate endings;
Extremely realistic weather effects;
New mysteries and puzzles;
Superior soundtrack to the original game, complete with new songs from the Cellar of Rats;
The updated script from the first steps in the game.

How to install
mount the image;
copy the files from the folder Crack in the game folder with the replacement of existing ones;
install.crack.bat run and wait for completion. Do not forget to disable Antivir! They remove SCExtractor file.
If the installation window appears with the text "Access Denied", before running install.crack.bat file, select a folder with the game, press the right mouse button and choose from the context menu "Properties" and remove the check mark from the "Read Only".
Holders of Windows7:
before launching instal.crack.bat need to open the file with notepad SCREAM.CFG, located in the root folder of the game, change the value of RATE 60 and save. Otherwise, when you start you will have to wait for blue screen of death.
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Rustle: Last visit / Scratches: Director's Cut (2007) PC | License

Rustle: Last visit / Scratches: Director's Cut (2007) PC | License

Rustle: Last visit / Scratches: Director's Cut (2007) PC | License

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