Slender: The Arrival (v 2.0.0) (2013) PC torrent download

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Genre: Indie, Indie-horror, Survival horror, Horror
Developer / Publisher: Blue Isle Studios / Midnight City
Platform: PC

Version: 2.0.0

Publication Type: pirates
Interface language: Multilanguage (ZoG Forum Team - vit_21 & makc_ar / Version of translation - from 26.11.2014) / Chinese / English
Crack: enclosing (ALI213 SteamEmu)

System requirements:
> OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
> Processor: Quad Core Intel / AMD
> RAM: 3GB
> Video card: GeForce 260 1GB / Radeon HD 4850
> Hard disk: 1.5 GB of free space
> Sound Card: compatible with any DirectX9.0c

Slender: The Arrival — is a professional remake Slender: The Eight Pages. The player will have to figure out what happened with a friend of the main character, avoiding meetings with Slender, character in the form of a skinny, faceless men of great height with tentacles. Everything that happens the player sees through a video camera. In the Arsenal there is only a flashlight.

Extras. Info:
The majority of the game takes place in abandoned areas (house, defunct mine, etc.), each with different objectives. Slender: The Arrival uses similar mechanics from its predecessor, Slender: The Eight Pages. The character is armed only with a flashlight. This limited protection causes a feeling of helplessness, because of this, the best way to survive in the game, when to escape danger. When Slender: the panic is added to the strong interference of the camera when in critical situation, the picture gets harder to see, forcing the player to flee in a random direction in most cases. As in the last part the basic principle of the game is a canonical "don't stop, don't turn around". This Slender has always been similar to the principle of Amnesia and Penumbra, where the character just can not fight monsters and has only a flashlight or lamp. But unlike those two, the player is deprived of the ability to hide and sit out in view of the generally open and confined space. The entire game consists of six chapters + secret, and has multiple endings.


Patch 2.0.0

The new update includes:
- Totally free Update with two brand new levels
- Vastly improved game performance and optimizations
- Mac OS X availability on Steam
- Soundtrack available for purchase

Patch Notes:
- Fixed a bug where Slender Man wouldn't appear again in genesis if you beat it once
- Improved character model and texture quality
- Improved terrain detail on ‘good’ and ‘best’ settings in the ‘Into the Abyss’ level
- Fixed a bug where the steam overlay would cause the pause menu to move
- Fixed a bug where the run key would reset mouse sensitivity
- Fixed a bug where the volume slider reacted poorly to controllers in-game
- Increased the resolution of several game textures
- Improved performance in ‘The Eight Pages’ on ‘good’ and ‘best’ settings
- Fixed a bug where occasionally the ‘Walking Simulator’ achievement would not unlock
- Improved performance in ‘Flashback’ and ‘The Arrival’ on ‘good’ and ‘best’ settings
- Fixed a bug in ‘Homestead’ that allowed the player to bypass parts of the level
- Fixed collision issues with ‘Homestead’
- Added small amounts of lighting to interiors in ‘Homestead’

Patch 1.5.6

Patch Notes:
- Fixed tree leaves being rendered black rather than vibrant color.
- Fixed an issue where a number of objects on screen would disappear unexpectedly.
- Fixed an issue with grass rendering in chunks rather than smoothly fading out in a distance.
- Removed leaderboard achievements, those that have already obtained those achievements will retain them. For new players, the achievements will not appear to exist.

changelog Russification

- The game doesn't even see the system font. Fonts and textures are working on version 2.0.0 of the library the main text won't show.
- Text and fonts did, but the problem with text that comes from the library. Now I have no way to deal with a text library. Rejoice that translated all the textures and menus. The rest later)

Slender: The Arrival (v 2.0.0) (2013) PC

Slender: The Arrival (v 2.0.0) (2013) PC

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