Shizarium / Sanitarium (1998, RUS / RUS, Repack) torrent download

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Developer: DreamForge Intertainment
Publisher: New Disk
Year: 1998
Publication Type: RePack [Repack]
Version: v1.1
Language: RUS
Sound language: RUS


Released in 1998 in America, the game Sanitarium shocked the population of computer worlds. Most skeptics who claimed that the era of good computer games came to an end, they took it back.Admired everything: from the fantastic graphics and stunning music ending.Offended that adventure ends quickly, and warned citizens especially sensitive to the Sanitarium, and close do not fit - too many creepy and nightmarish scenes.However, nothing of the game with this name (literally - "mental health check"), no one expected: madness around everywhere. Therefore, the Russian version is called "Shizarium".Game voiced by professional actors. In general merrymaking get impressive close and understandable Russian soul !!!


It is based on HD License version 1.1 and weaning on the disc

System requirements:

Operating System: 95,98,2000, ME, XP, 7, 8 (?) (?)
Processor: Pentium 60 MHz
Memory: 16 MB
Video: 1 MB, DirectX 8.0
Sound card: compatible with DirectX 8.0
Free space on HDD: 30 MB
CD-Drive: 4


For holders of windows 7,8 x64, x32, right-click on the label properties of the game (where we choose compatible with windows 95) and
IMPORTANT puts all the checkboxes in subparagraph OPTIONS!
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In addition:
More than 80 elaborately animated inhabitants of the mad world.
* Complete the illusion of reality.
* Great storyline.
* 10 different from each other "krezovyh" levels.
* The perfect sound with digital quality.
* Realistic sound effects.

Shizarium / Sanitarium (1998, RUS / RUS, Repack)

Shizarium / Sanitarium (1998, RUS / RUS, Repack)

Shizarium / Sanitarium (1998, RUS / RUS, Repack)

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