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▪ Genre: Adventure
▪ Developer: LucasArts Entertainment
▪ Publisher: Virgin Interactive Entertainment
▪ Game version: 1.00
▪ Publication Type: License
▪ Language: ENG
▪ Sound language: ENG
▪ Tablet: Not required (DRM Free)
▪ Size: 476 MB

√ Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
√ Processor: 1.0 GHz
√ Memory: 256 MB
√ Video Card: 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 7
√ Sound card: compatible with DirectX 7
√ Free hard drive space: 500 MB

An asteroid the size of a small moon is on a crash course toward Earth, and only veteran NASA Boston low has the expertise to stop it. With him on Board went up by award-winning journalist Maggie Robbins and internationally renowned geologist Ludger brink.

After nuclear shot threw the asteroid to a safe orbit, the trio proceeded to a routine examination of the rocky surface.
What they found was anything but standard for this kind of expedition findings.
Low, brink and Robbins unwittingly trigger a mechanism that transforms the asteroid into a crystal-like spacecraft. The team is hurtled across the galaxy to a planet so desolate, brink calls it Cocytus, in honor of the ninth circle of hell Dante. Obviously, the ugly landscape of the planet was once home to a highly advanced civilization. Evidence of thoughtful management and advanced technology, the intricate network of underground tunnels.

But no sign of the locals.
Who were the original inhabitants of this once rich Empire-turned-wasteland? What are those apparitions that mysteriously appear from time to time? Why have low, Robbins and brink been brought to this place? And how can low keep his team from unraveling in the face of such uncertainty? To return to Earth, they must dig for answers, both on the planet's surface and deep within themselves.

The Dig (GoG) (1995|Eng)

The Dig (GoG) (1995|Eng)

The Dig (GoG) (1995|Eng)

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