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Genre: Adventure (Survival horror), 3D, 1st Person
Developer: IMGN.PRO
Publisher: IMGN.PRO
Platform: PC
Publication Type: License [GOG]
Language: Multilingual ,Английский,Французский,Немецкий,Польский,Испанский,Чешский,Венгерский,Португальский
Language: English, Polish
License: Freeware

System requirements:
Operating System: Windows 7, 8
Processor: 2.7 GHz
Memory: 4GB
Video Card: 512 MB
Hard disk space: 5 GB

Description:Kholat - horror-adventure game inspired by real events, known as Dyatlov Pass Incident - the mysterious death of nine Soviet tourists povlёkshaya for a setvariety, but unconfirmed hypotheses.Igorka would be in the scenery and vast negostipriimnyh Ural Mountains in order to find the truth about what happened, but in the course of the plot may appear even more questions.Did you find the answer? Pick up any closer to the truth? Can you survive? Dyatlov Pass Incident - these are real events that occurred in the winter of 1959 year.Nine experienced hikers went to a ski trip to the northern part of the Ural Mountains, but it ended in disaster. The bodies were found disfigured team and scattered on the hillside Holat-Sjahyl.

Also in the hand:
- Map
- Soundtrack (MP3)
- Soundtrack (FLAC)
- Comics (English)
- Comics (Polish)
- Poster

To install:
1. Place
2. Play

Kholat (2015) PC | License

Kholat (2015) PC | License

Kholat (2015) PC | License

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