Fate / stay night (2004 | Rus) torrent download

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Genre: Visual Novel
Developer: Type-Moon
Publisher: Type-Moon, Kadokawa Shoten
Duration: A very large (> 50 hours)
Age limit: 18+ (sex scene)
Language: RUS (translation Rus-moon & Honyaku-Subs)
Sound language: JAP

Operating System: Windows 98 / Me / 2000 / XP / 7
Processor: Pentium II 500MHz
RAM: 128 MB
Free space on hard disk: 4 GB

Game description:
The action takes place around the next, already the fifth in a row, the battle magicians for special vundervaflyu called "the Holy Grail."To fight for it, vundervaflya chooses itself, after which each of the seven "lucky" calls itself a particularly strong familiar and goes to muzzle opponents to beat until no survivorsthere will be only one pair of "Master-slave". Generally speaking, it is enough to kill the servants, but no one cares. But ordinary people are allowed to throw packs - for example, to feed the servants of mana, or just for fun - the main thing is not to give the uninitiated "Association of Magicians."

If you do not delve into the deeper meaning and nonsense psevdofilosofskie authors, the game focuses on how to bleed the main character goes to school, and then bleed the hero comes to school and thereBreaks his leg, then bleed it tries not to die, it is hardly succeed. GOTO line 1, rinse and repeat.

If the protagonist is under your control at the moment of the game:is not in mortal danger, do not bleed, not limping, holding a through hole in the chest, not a harpoon catches SHARP shoulder, he did not break all the ribs, he's not trying disunity inRags HAND leg it from the giant four or increasing hordes of skeletons, or at least at the moment, is not on the verge of losing consciousness from the pain - you should know that you are doing something wrong.

Additional information / installation
• Installation is not required - the game is run through the file Fate.exe
• In the game folder is also PDF-File with the passage of the plot branches.
• More visual stories can be found in this section. Enjoy!

Fate / stay night (2004 | Rus)

Fate / stay night (2004 | Rus)

Fate / stay night (2004 | Rus)

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