Fran Bow (2015) RUS (MULTI) (L) GOG Torrent

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Developer: Killmonday Games HB
Published: Killmonday Games HB
Year: August 27, 2015
Publication Type: License [L]
Language: Multilingual, English, German, Spanish
Language: -


Fran Bow - is a terrifying adventure story Fran, the girl struggling with mental illness and adversity.Having lost both parents in a terrible and mysterious incident - girl found dismembered in their own home, Fran flees into the forest with his only friend, Mr. Midnight - blackcat, which she received as a gift from his parents. In the forest Fran falls into shock due to loss of parents.Recovering, she discovers that Oswald was in Haven, child psychiatric clinic with an oppressive atmosphere and brutal orders.And, in addition, had disappeared Mr. Midnight! After Fran dreamed her favorite cat, she decides to escape from the hospital to find their furry friend and go home to my aunt Grace, the only relatives that she had left.


• A psychological thriller with a tragic story.
• The unique graphic style with unique, hand-drawn pictures and animation.
• Taken medication without permission will pave the way to a terrifying secret world that will help you solve the puzzles and find hidden objects.
• A great many puzzles with different difficulty levels, which are organically woven into the plot of the game.
• Three mini-arcade games, each decorated in its own style, interconnected part of the narration.
• Interactive pet Mr. Midnight, whom you can even play a little bit.
• Over 50 unique characters, each with its own history.
• The soundtrack to the game

Fran Bow (2015) RUS (MULTI) (L) GOG

Fran Bow (2015) RUS (MULTI) (L) GOG

Fran Bow (2015) RUS (MULTI) (L) GOG

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