Vampire Romance: Paris Stories (2011) torrent download

Posted: 22-07-2015, 12:56 | Downloads: 633
Meet the game from Nevosoft «affair with a vampire.Expanded Edition "Layla and help solve the mystery of a stranger, follow him into the Paris catacombs and discover a terrible secret ... Who said that the city of lovers does not conceal the dangers?Layla Zaraostr comes to Paris to study at the Academy of Fine Arts at the Louvre. There she met another student - Uriel Rutvenom, attractive and mysterious young man.They soon become friends, and Uriel shows Layla Paris.She slowly falls in love, but the young man is very mysterious - do not eat at the picnic, always somewhere to disappear, and Pere Lachaise Cemetery are the graves of Layla person with the same name, but who lived long ago. Uriel suddenly and disappears ...

Genre: quest, logic
Developer: Mzone Studio and Solilab
Publisher: Anuman
Published in Russian: NevoSoft
Language: Multilingual
Sound language: n / a
Publication Type: pirates

System requirements:
Windows XP / Vista
CPU: Pentium III 1 GHz
RAM: 512 MB
3D-graphics card: 128 MB
Free hard disk space: 100 MB

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