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In a picturesque place is a wonderful farm workaholic Joe. The only trouble is that the forces of the old man to keep order is not enough.Fortunately, his carefree grandson Tom decided to help Santa recover and offers a unique farm with him.The idea is tempting, is not it? Looking around the site a fresh look, gather all the necessary equipment and start to the arrangement of this truly paradise.First, find seeds and plant a tree: it is with this start to do great things! Update beds, replace the fence and put things in order in the barn.

Publication Type: pirates
Developer: nevosoft
Year: 2012
Platform: PC
Language: Multilingual
Language: Multilingual

System requirements:
Processor 1 Ghz,
RAM 512 Mb RAM,
Graphics card 64 Mb VRAM,
DirectX 10.0

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