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Жанр: Action, Tactic, 1st Person
Разработчик/Издательство: Bohemia Interactive
Taal: Engels + Multilingual
Taal: Engels
Publicatie Type: RePack
Таблетка: Вшита (3DM | LumaEmu v1.6.9 by Steam006)

Besturingssysteem: Microsoft® Windows® Vista / 7/8
Processor: Intel® Core ™ i3 2,66 GHz
RAM: 2048 Mb
Geluidskaart: Geluidskaart compatibel met DirectX 9.0
Graphics Accelerator 1024 Mb, OpenGL 2.4
Vrije ruimte op de harde schijf: 15 Gb

Arma 3 - это новый виток в жанре тактических военных симуляторов. Можно потратить 20 минут пробежав пол карты и поймать пулю от снайпера и всё, - начинай сначала. Очень натуральный симулятор. И теперь легенда:
...После нескольких лет изнурительной войны, Европа стала последним пристанищем ослабленных в боях сил НАТО.Stratis eiland gevangen genomen door de vijand in het Midden-Oosten en het zal gegarandeerd superioriteit van de NAVO te krijgen in de regio.Start van operatie "Magnitude": een kleine groep van speciaal getrainde soldaten met wetenschappers undercover gestuurd naar het eiland in de Middellandse Zee.Missie in gevaar van instorting! Het team is bijna volledig verwoest, en de hoofdpersoon, Captain Scott Miller aangespoelde vijand eiland.Voltooien van de operatie in zijn macht, maar op zijn manier zijn er al de gevaren van de moderne oorlogvoering, meedogenloze omgeving en de numerieke superioriteit van de vijand. Zal moeten nadenken over elke stap!

Update v1.44

Game Update: 1.44 (BattlEye Service, Open-source PhysX, Netcode Optimizations, Launcher Improvements)
Added: Healing other characters now has its own animation
Added : Another height to Weapon Deployment
Added: Amphibious vehicles have a proper gearbox for water movement
Added: DLC Content Browser can now be closed using the same shortcut as for opening (LShift + P)
Added : Stomper RCWS and variants are available in Virtual Garage
Added: "Default" faction
Added: Possibility to override both mission config and respawn template respawn delay by using: missionNamespace setVariable ["BIS_customRespawnDelay", 60]
Added: Respawn delay can now be dynamically overridden in scenarios
Added: The profiles containing a huge variable BIS_fnc_diagAAR_data now trigger a performance warning which offers an option to wipe it out when the pause menu is displayed
Added: Camouflaged face variants from standard profile faces, not available in profile selection, seen on full ghillie snipers
Added: Localized indicators in Virtual Arsenal
Added: buoyancy = 1 property and value for all models that use buoyancy
Added: Command bar icons for launchers
Added: New config parameters for setting the color of text on the right side of ListBox and ComboBox items

Fixed: VR Garage error
Fixed: Cannot try a vehicle once you've clicked on a UAV in Garage
Fixed: FD vehicles did not have their direction / speed reset on restart
Fixed: Screen would sometimes fade in, in MP, before it was supposed to (Showcase FFV)
Fixed: Wrong class name in the model.cfg of M320 camo
Fixed: Proper names for new music tracks
Fixed: FPS drop in the respawn menu when too many inventory load-outs are present
Fixed: Dust created on the water surface when SDAR was fired underwater
Fixed: Muzzle flash of Panther GMG was not visible at a low framerate
Fixed: MBT main cannon zeroing didn't work for the highest values
Fixed: High caliber rifle ammo was able to pass through the VR Gorgon
Fixed: Sound of the bounding mine trigger
Fixed: Silenced Rook 40 sound inside buildings
Fixed: Pre-loading of textures for the stance indicator
Fixed: VR Garage vehicle position was sometimes incorrect
Fixed: VR humming was missing from Arsenal
Fixed: Arsenal error
Fixed: When changing crewed vehicle type in Garage, crew in the new vehicle was using an incorrect shader
Fixed: Vehicle crew in Garage sometimes left the vehicle
Fixed: Cargo positions in some vehicles in Garage were duplicated
Fixed: Displaying of usage statistics in DLC Debriefing for models whose path is missing a .P3D extension
Fixed: Start-up timer animation exploit - sit down and salute disabled
Fixed: Hitting ‘Enter’ to save a vehicle didn't work
Fixed: FIA Quad Bike has a proper woodland texture variant
Fixed: It was possible to make the right glass of the Offroad levitating in the air
Fixed: The components (animation sources) of the Offroad took long to show / hide themselves
Fixed: Zeus wasn't able to put bipods to ammo boxes
Fixed: Binoculars switch while moving forward, crouching with your weapon lowered (both rifle and sidearm)
Fixed: Missing muzzle flashes for the GMGs of RCWS turrets on M4 Scorcher and 2S9 Sochor
Fixed: “Support” markers were visible in the editor
Fixed: Attenuation for commander and gunner positions of the Strider / added bush collision
Fixed: Default coordinates were missing in RscListNBox
Fixed: Added sound for walking - crouched - with lowered sidearm
Fixed: BIS_fnc_getParamValue didn't work when paramsArray was undefined
Fixed: Drivers of randomized Karts now have the appropriate uniform and headgear
Fixed: ZSU-39 Tigris commander's turret was not rotating in external view
Fixed: Cleared paths to non-existent and unused SFX samples
Fixed: BIS_fnc_diagAARRecord is no longer called automatically to avoid accidental profileNamespace spam (scenario designers can still call it manually for debugging purposes)
Fixed: Commanders of the Strider no longer have the manual fire option
Fixed: Vermin has a magazine with red tracers at the end by default, added tracer magazines for all colors (
Fixed: L / BL / B / BR rifle lowered movement binocular switch (
Fixed: Zamak first set of rear wheels didn't change into destroyed shape
Fixed: Cropped Singleplayer tab text in Czech translation in the DLC Content Browser
Fixed: Missing link to silenced interior tail for automatic shooting of Katiba
Fixed: Wrong samples linked for silenced shots in automatic fire mode of MX
Fixed: Unarmed version of PO-30 Orca didn't have countermeasures
Fixed: RCWS versions of Stomper / Saif now have distinguishable tracers per side
Fixed: AI can now correctly see through ground floor windows of shops
Fixed: The iron sights on the MMG_01 (Navid) are now being hidden when an optic is attached to avoid model clipping
Fixed: The animation source AddGunHolder was not defined in the config of the Mohawk
Fixed: Arm-shields of the AAF heavy vest to fit with BLUFOR / OPFOR
Fixed: When exporting from Garage when there is no animation source to change, the export will force the default state of the animations (instead of a randomization)
Fixed: Static HMGs now have distinguishable tracers per side
Fixed: Wrong assignment of the flashlight in Showcase AAF
Fixed: Wheels on the Zamak that were clipping through the model
Fixed: Self-healing animation speeds to avoid sound desynchronization
Fixed: Greyhawk had a broken damage indicator in vehicle info

Tweaked: Weapon Deployment heights regarding new engine behavior
Tweaked: Many translations for Marksmen
Tweaked: FD12 - Medal times nerfed based on play testing
Tweaked: Lowered the volume of the music to not overwhelm the voice-acting (Showcase FFV)
Tweaked: Music for Marksmen
Tweaked: Stance Indicator - ‘can deploy’ and ‘rested can deploy’ separated
Tweaked: Fire particle effect for Fireplace and Campfire
Tweaked: Minor tweaks in VR courses
Tweaked: Smoke screen for Strider and Ifrit
Tweaked: Centered all Zamak models
Tweaked: Adjusted ambient animals density
Tweaked: Refactored weapon deployed actions
Tweaked: Defined Inverse Kinematics for warming up animations (plus tweaks and optimizations)
Tweaked: Improved launcher sway in all stances and also optimized the differences between walking and tactical pace in crouch with a launcher
Tweaked: Marksmen characters re-factored
Tweaked: Cleaned radio static from clicks and fade in and fade out applied
Tweaked: Slightly increased Zafir's inertia coefficient to better correspond with the gun's weight
Tweaked: Shadows of the xH-9 family of helicopters
Tweaked: Volume of closure samples for MX
Tweaked: Positions of optics on Navid
Tweaked: Some OPFOR Recon soldiers got LBV Harnesses instead of obsolete ELBV Harnesses
Tweaked: Configured countsForScoreboard for base classes
Tweaked: Sound for Check Point Clear used in Firing Drills and Time Trials
Tweaked: Dirt runways were not producing dust effects and now are
Tweaked: Configured isLockingDisabled to disable locking and targeting on House_F, FloatingStructure_F and Lamp_base_F
Tweaked: Vermin magazines tracer variants localized
Tweaked: Changed audibility of footsteps
Tweaked: Changed names of samples for swimming

Changed: External camera position for static laser designators
Changed: Default muzzle flash of ASP-1 Kir to be on par with other suppressed weapons
Changed: Disabled Sling Load Assistant for Taru helicopters with pods
Changed: ELBV Harnesses are not visible in the game anymore, since they are now obsolete. LBV Harnesses can be used instead.
Changed: BIS_fnc_initVehicle_textures is no longer defined by the VhC function because it was a duplicate of the command getObjectTextures

Removed: Obsolete backpacks containing parts of non-existing autonomous weapons
Removed: Surplus items from CfgPatches
Removed: CA_TextReserved class from RscDisplayConfigureAction.hpp (label about reserved keys)
Removed: FlareLoop effect from the editor

Eigenschappen van het spel
Новый игровой движок позволяет управлять боевыми действиями с невиданной ранее реалистичностью.
Теперь появилась возможность погружаться под воду!
Разнообразие вооружений — от «классических» АК-74 и М-16 до еще не вышедших в серийное производство прототипов.
Объединив все положительные качества предшественников, с эволюционно новым движком и возможностями, ARMA 3 предоставляет игроку ни с чем не сравнимый опыт тактического боя.
Создавайте собственные игровые сценарии, используя простой и интуитивно понятный редактор миссий.

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Arma 3 (v 1.44) (2013) PC | RePack door SpaceX

Arma 3 (v 1.44) (2013) PC | RePack door SpaceX

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