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Добавлено: 7-10-2015, 03:56 | Скачали: 664

Žanras: Strategija, RTS, 3D
Kūrėjas/Leidėjas: Zero Sum Games / Iceberg Interactive
Sąsajos kalba: EN/FR/DE/ES + Мультиязычный
Kalba: Lietuvių
Leidinys Tipas: supakuokite
Tabletės: apgaubiantis (3DM)

Operacinė sistema: Microsoft® Windows® Vista / 7/8 "(64 bitų)
Procesorius: Intel® Core™ i3 2.4 GHz
RAM: 4096 MB
Garso plokštė: Garso plokštė suderinama su DirectX 9.0
Grafika Accelerator 1024 MB, OpenGL 2.4
Laisva erdvė HDD: 4 GB

26.04.15 Добавлен Update 1.0h

StarDrive 2 – tai įdomus ir patrauklių tęsinys žaidimo StarDrive.Žaidimo mechanika ilgai lauktas tęsinys strateginio ruožtu grindžiama struktūra yra skirtinga, todėl mūšio realaus laiko yra neįtikėtinai linksmas.Kaip jo rasės valdovu, jums bus savo žmones plėtoti metodinę sukurtas galaktika, ištirti jį ir todėl jos kosmoso imperijos didybę.
Update 1.0h

Patch 1.0h Patch Notes

• You can no longer order your fleets to intercept your own Civilian transports or merchant fleets. Previously you could merge a combat fleet with a civilian fleet and this could cause a game hang or potentially a crash
• Improved the terran ground combat map as it was a bit sparse on details
• The "Stormwracked" planet attribute will now be removed when you complete the special project to do so; previously if the planet was currently undergoing a storm when you fixed the special, then it would remain storming indefinitely. This fix will apply retroactively to your saved games
• AIs that prefer to use carriers are getting some new ship loadout options for their battleships
• Fixed a bug that could cause a hang on load in the late game
• Upon reconsidering the issue, I've decided to nerf 3x3 cruise missile damage. They are extremely reliable right now due to their speed and hitpoints, and I'm unhappy with how quickly a focused barrage can take out even a battleship in short order. The focus for missiles is reliable damage at mid-long range, but they can be stuffed with Jammers and point defense.
• Increased the number of screenships that the AI will try to use for its Capital ships, and I've made them want to be tighter in on their wards to try and be there for missile barrage intercepts
• 2 direct hits from a flak cannon is now sufficient to kill a cruise missile. Point defense lasers will remain largely ineffective; I am looking into adding some higher tech point defense
• Continuing to expand your empire despite being warned by an AI will no longer result in an AI automatically declaring war on you
• The expansionism penalty to diplomatic relations will subside over time
• The expansionism penalty to relations will not be applied if you are colonizing inside a system where you already own a colony, and you are the only empire occupying the system
• Fixed a scenario where the AI wants a trade treaty and creates an offer that exceeds your tolerance levels
• Colonizing within the Core space of an AI will require a declaration of war before you can proceed
• Added an Open Borders Treaty to diplomacy. This allows you to re-arm, repair, and refuel inside the other's territory. It also extends your fuel range through their territory. This treaty takes the place of the Non-Aggression Pact for purposes of defraying the relations hit that comes from moving through the core space of another empire.
• Updated the English dialog texts and AI behavior to offer an Open Borders treaty instead of a Non-Aggression Pact upon a core-space incursion by player fleets (if they like you enough).
• You can now, as an emergency measure, exceed your normal tolerance levels in diplomacy at the expense of pissing off your people. An appropriate pop-up warning has been added when attempting to do this. Cybernetics continue to be immune to being pissed off about anything, which is a point to consider for balance purposes as we go through with the changes to this system. The AI will remain inflexible with its tolerance levels
• Heavy fighters will now be equipped with a 1x1 Rocket launcher instead of the Flak or Cluster Cannon. This should both increase their effective DPS and also increase YOUR effective FPS, because the cluster cannon could bog your framerates when used en masse
• If you declare war upon a race with whom you have an open borders treaty, you will receive an "Untrustworthy" penalty to relations with all other races. You also get this penalty if you had a non-aggression pact
• The "untrustworthy" penalty is now increased to a base of -20 points from -10.
• Artillery given a steep damage falloff past 600 range

Savo ruožtu grindžiama bendroji strategija su kosminių mūšių realiu laiku ir пошаговыми mūšių paviršiaus planetų.
Расселяйтесь visatą, колонизируйте planetas, mėnulį, asteroidų juostos, газовые gigantai ir ne tik!
Naršyti šimtus technologijas, įskaitant unikalūs dėl savo rasės. Обнаруживайте kitas technologijas metu žaidimų įvykių ir mokslinių tyrimų galaktika.

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StarDrive 2 (v 1.0 h) (2015 m.) PC | RePack nuo SpaceX

StarDrive 2 (v 1.0 h) (2015 m.) PC | RePack nuo SpaceX

StarDrive 2 (v 1.0 h) (2015 m.) PC | RePack nuo SpaceX

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