The Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb (v1.666) (2012) PC | Eternal Edition télécharger torrent

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Genre: Indie, 2D, Action, Arcade
Développeur / Éditeur: Edmund McMillen et Florian Himsl
Plate-forme: PC

Version: 1.666

Type de publication: pirates
Langue: anglais (traduction est pas nécessaire)
Crack: enfermant (thêta)

Configuration requise:
> OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
> Processeur: 2,5 GHz
> Mémoire: 1 Go
> Carte vidéo: compatible avec Direct X9.0c
> Disque dur: 50 Mo d'espace libre

Quand la mère de Isaac entend la voix de Dieu exigeant un sacrifice pour prouver sa foi, Isaac a couru vers le sous-sol, mais il, face aux foules folles d'ennemis, de leurs frères et soeurs perdus, ses craintes et, enfin, avec sa propre mère.

«Le sacrifice d'Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb» - cet ajout au jeu «The Binding of Isaac», jeu de tir en deux dimensions avec des niveaux générés aléatoirement et des éléments de jeu de rôle et de jeux (rouglayk Rogue-like).Accompagnant Isaac dans ses aventures, les joueurs trouveront de nombreux trésors insolites qui changent l'apparence d'Isaac et de lui donner des capacités surhumaines, permettant la foule pour vaincre des créatures mystérieuses, découvrez les nombreux mystères et de se battre pour faire son chemin vers la guérison.

The Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb | Eternal Edition - 3 mai 2015 extension Wrath of the Lamb a eu mise à jour gratuite à la version 1.666, et a reçu le préfixe "Eternal Edition".

- Les modifications de la mécanique de certains patrons.
- Le vieux "le nouveau" mode "Hard Mode".
- Ajout d'une "éternelle" sortes de monstres et des boss.
- De nombreuses corrections de bugs.


Tentative unofficial 1.666 changelog for the Eternal Edition.

Global changes

-Hard mode added ( shows a white pentagram on the bottom left corner of the screen in game )
-New Steam and in-game achievements added
-The size of the health bar now scales with the number of heart containers ( i.e. you can now see the heart containers you have past 12 ), up to 48 visible hearts.
-The amount of Kamikaze Flies you can keep between chambres is no longer limited to 5 ( the maximum seems to be 10 maintenant )
-Shot speed up/down pills added
-Explosive Diarrhea pills are back in the game
-You can no longer leave a room if there's a black fly in it ( you can't exploit flies to reset a room or turn a slot machine into a fortune teller anymore )
-Dying in a boss room after clearing it doesn't cause the boss to respawn anymore
-Killing Mom's Foot ( Depths/Necropolis 2 boss ) can now reward the player with Mom's Purse
-Agitation Worm is more dynamic and allows the player to angle shots
-The Parasite got retouché so you can no longer hit the same enemy twice with one shot
-Mask of Infamy now has a health bar
-Hoppers' and Keepers' got their movement speed increased and can now jump over obstacles
-New trinket, the Game Squid, added : gives a chance to slow enemies on hit
-Eternal Flies now stay white when their host is destroyed ( their interaction with familiars might also have changed? )
-The Habit now gives the amount of charges you'd get for clearing a room instead of a flat 3 per hit
-New room patterns added
-Item pools changed ( some items might not be special anymore, some that weren't now are )
-The Crystal Ball now removes any active Curse of Darkness when used
-New monster added : a ball of flies that looks like a double Moter
-Mom's Contact now also reduces speed shot
-The Mask + Heart monster's health has been reduced
-Magic 8 Ball now also shows the location of the Boss Room on the map
-Basement/Cellar XL item rooms have a chance not to be locked
-Using the Joker card can fail to send the player in the Devil Room and instead teleport the player in a random room or do nothing at all ( probably only happens in Shéol, the Cathedral and the Chest )
-The Candle cannot hit offscreen enemies anymore ( like the doors in Mom's fight )

Hard Mode only changes ( see the Reddit link above for details )

-New white champion version ( eternal? ) of bosses and enemies added : they have new attacks, increased health and can drop Eternal Love ( only a chance for normal les foules, guaranteed for bosses )
-New challenge room added ( Eternal est un défi ? ) where you can fight several eternal enemies and bosses for an Angel Room item
-Rerolling an item with the D6 can fail and make the item disappear ( based on luck, see the Reddit link above for the formula )
-Orbitals ( Cube of Meat, Pretty Fly etc ) now disappear after a few hits, mais réapparaîtra after leaving the room
-Bomb pickups can turn into troll bombes when touched ( based on luck, see the Reddit link above for the formula )
-The chances of getting a reward after clearing a room are lower ( based on luck, see the Reddit link above for the formula )
-The drop rates from champions are lower
-The player's damage is lower in hard mode ( see the Reddit link above for the formula )
-The chances for a special item to appear have been retouché ( check Reddit for the formula )
-Brimstone, Dr.Le foetus and Epic Foetus appear less often
-Horsemen and some alt versions of bosses can be encountered even if you don't have the corresponding achievements unlocked
-Guppy's Paw now gives 2 Soul Hearts per Red Heart instead of 3
-The Sun card and the Full Health pill only heal you for a few red hearts instead of fully
-Red Heart container cap increased to 16

To be confirmed

-IPECAC's damage réduit ( probably due to the blanket damage reduction in hard mode )
-Conquest ( and Headless Horseman? can now drop a Cube of Meat
-My Reflection may have changed ( tears seem to follow a fixed path instead of being being affected by shot speed )
-Bob's Rotten Head's range reduced

Le contenu bonus
• Soundworks par Danny Baranowsky
•Soundworks by Brent Kennedy

Le sacrifice d'Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb (v1.666) (2012) PC | Eternal édition

Le sacrifice d'Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb (v1.666) (2012) PC | Eternal édition

Le sacrifice d'Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb (v1.666) (2012) PC | Eternal édition

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