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Genre: Actionspiele, Indie, RPG
Entwickler: Milkstone Studios
Verlag: Milkstone Studios
Сайт разработчика: http://www.milkstonestudios.com
Язык интерфейса: Мультиязычный ,Английский
Plattform: PC

Betriebssystem: Windows XP / 7/8
Processor: Dual Core processor
Arbeitsspeicher: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 10 capable hardware
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Festplatte: 800 MB freier Speicherplatz

Ziggurat - dungeon crawling FPS с случайно генерируемыми сценариями и событиями. Вас ждут десятки опасных врагов, крутые боссы и множество мощных заклинаний, которые Вам помогут в покорении Башни Зиккурата, но с начала их надо найти и изучить.
Anfang August haben die Entwickler zeigten Ziggurat in der Game-Show Gamelab 2014 in Barcelona. Das Spiel könnte versuchen, ein wenig mehr als 100 Menschen und Entwickler überrascht eine Tatsache. Один из базовых врагов, которого игроки могли встретить повсеместно на уровнях Ziggurat, кокатрикс (василиск), оказался в 4 раза опаснее чем этого ожидали ребята из студии Milkstone Studios, убил в общей сложности 34 игрока. Легко не будет точно!
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Liste der Änderungen

Update 16:
• Fixed checkbox telling on what difficulty you've won the game with each character being shown when the character is still locked.
• Mitigated some FPS spikes that were introduced in Update #14.
• Fixed wand card descriptions.
• Added Hungarian language
• Improved state effect shaders so it doesn't look weird when enemies are moving.
• Cockatrice: Increased threat value to better reflect their performance
• Slime / Green slime: Reduced threat value to better reflect their performance
• Necromancer: Reduced threat value to better reflect their performance
• Flying armor: Reduced damage inflicted by fire
• King Blob: Reduced damage inflicted by area attack and big projectiles.
• Examiner Cepheus: Increased health
• Scarab Staff: Reduced mana usage
• Staff of Atlantis: Increased mana usage
• Viper fangs: Reduced mana usage
• Dark Cannon: Reduced fire rate and damage
• Porcupine bomb: Reduced fire rate, Increased mana usage, reduced number of spikes per grenade
• Dragon's Bile: Increased mana usage
• Mana Burst: Reverted to triple mana usage
• Enraged: You no longer lose health when selecting this perk.
• High Stakes: Increased chance of success.
• Bloodlust: Reduced a bit effectiveness.
Update 15:
• New Level 1 Boss: King Blob (name's not necessarily final). It'll probably need a bit more balancing, it's probably easier than the other L1 bosses right now.
• Each character has now a slightly different wand (still weaker than most standard weapons).
• Added sounds to the alternate fires of some weapons
• Your current health / mana numbers are shown in the character details screen
• Fixed some issues with water reflections that were introduced in the previous update.
• Added a warning when trying to start a new game, and there's a saved game.
• Other minor bugfixes
Update 14:
• All weapons have now a secondary fire mode (Right click by default). It's usually a stronger variation of the attack, or a special shot that induces state effects.
• Some changes that should improve performance, specially on bigger levels. This may have caused some bugs here and there, please report if you find anything.
• A small improvement in water rendering performance on high levels of detail.
• Minimap icons are now properly shown when Rotate map is enabled.
• Added models, sounds and effects for the weapons added in the last update
• Bosses can now be poisoned.
• Increased poison damage over time
• Shrines won't be activated if you can't pay the price, instead of punishing you.
• Reduced number of Kobolds spawned by Poloko.
• Drops, weapons, etc shouldn't slide that much, so they won't fall into lava in Challenge rooms.
• Shielded Skeletons aren't allowed to be Green champions.
• Reduced a bit the damage hitbox for Shielded skeletons.
Update 13:
• Two new enemies: Slime and Green Slime
• 7 new weapons. Most of them are still in the works and haven't been properly balanced. Feel free to comment on the forums
• 5 new perks. Their card hasn't been drawn yet.
• Changed the way perks are selected on level up, now you may have to choose between two upgradeable perks.
• The mouse should be trapped while playing on windowed mode (only on Windows)
• Enemies on obelisk rooms can drop health items as in normal rooms (but not experience)
• Obelisks have less health on higher levels
• Fixed some ragdoll physics weirdness
• Should have improved performance a bit on specific situations
• Mouse buttons can be remapped
• Fixed some pending achievement issues
• Balanced enemies:
• Carrots: Reduced threat value
• Mini Golems: Increased threat value
• Skeletons: Increased threat value, Reduced fire rate
• Skeleton sentries: Increased threat value, Reduced fire rate
• Shield skeletons: Increased attack area and speed (still easy to dodge, but not as easy as before).
• Armor and Flying armors: Attacks at point blank aren't instantaneous.
• Demons: Reduced their homing attacks tracking power.
• Cockatrices: Reduced a bit hit damage.
• Fire Mortar: Increased damage area.
• Fixed some issues with obelisk particles
• Now weapons are shown on the character details screen
• New corridor variations
Update 12:
• Fixed Save & Quit not properly storing the current level.
• Reduced a bit the chances of bad effects in shrines.
Update 11:
• New high level enemy: Bone summoner, very dangerous. Probably too dangerous right now, be warned!
• Added a hint when you approach a shrine so you know what's going to happen
• Permanent shrine effects are shown on the player details screen
• Done some changes to character classes for better balance and differentiation
• State effects: Removed Burn state effect, adjusted some other weapons.
• Added a more visible indication that a drop is going to disappear
• Added an option to disable game tips (still not fully functional)
• Fixed some Amulet HUD bugs
• Improved sounds and visuals of many weapons
• Fixed some issues with the new achievements
• Changed how Regeneration perk works.
• Added lots of new shrine effects
• The number of kills required to unlock an entry in the bestiary is shown.
• Removed autosave and added a "Save & Quit" option between levels.
• Removed Attract mode.
• Increased drop rate when breaking decorations
• Challenge rooms with moving platforms have now more stones and logs in the lava so it's easier to go back to the start.
Update 10:
• New room type: Shrine rooms. On these rooms, you may pray the gods for assistance, and offer a health / mana sacrifice.
• Added state effects, such as freeze, poison, fire, etc. to some weapons.
• New perks and amulets
• Flying enemies now use pathfinding, they shouldn't get stuck that usually.
• Increased the amount of perks initially unlocked.
• Added more achievements.
• Reduced a bit New Game+ difficulty
• Changed "New Game+" to Hard, to better reflect its actual meaning.
• Improved visuals of Skeletons.
• Amulets have now its own 3D model.
• Changed amulet icons on the HUD so they are similar to the weapon icons.
• Improved boss intros with particle effects and sounds.
• Added a few new rooms.
• Fixed minor issues with the amulet HUD
• Added new Lore texts
Update 9:
• Исправлено перемешивание названий модификаторов комнат "Выдохся" и "Адреналин";
• Исправлен неправильный эффект модификаторов комнаты "Красный/синий/зелёный кристалл";
• Исправлен неправильный эффект модификатора комнаты "Двойник";
• Исправлен эффект модификатора комнаты "Инкубатор", мешавший врагам подходить на расстояние атаки.
• Исправлены проблемы с поиском пути, вызывавшие падение FPS в новых комнатах мостов;
• Бег можно отменить нажатием A/D (или похожими);
• Исправлена неверная работа экрана выбора персонажей;
• Улучшена графика скелета с щитом;
• Змеиный посох - немного уменьшена скорость снаряда, немного увеличен разлёт выстрелов;
• Огненный миномёт - увеличена дальность выстрелов;
• Череп Ксанатоса - уменьшен расход маны;
• Скелет - немного увеличен уровень угрозы для соответствия фактическому поведению;
• Красный скелет - немного увеличен уровень угрозы для соответствия фактическому поведению;
• Скелет с щитом - его атака теперь немного быстрее (всё ещё легко уклониться, если места много).
Update 8:
• 3 New enemies: Skeleton, Red Skeleton and Shielded Skeleton . They are not 100% complete on the art side, but should be playable.
• Room fights have now a chance of getting modifier that will heavily affect combat conditions.
• Added lots of new corridors between rooms, some of them with special surprises.
• New champion type: Invisible (similar to Mental difficulty in Serious Sam).
• Added a few new rooms.
• Improved lighting and visuals on Challenge rooms.
• Bosses should not regain health when respawning Minions (except Poloko)
• Improved a bit pathfinding. Not perfect yet, but enemies shouldn't get stuck on stairs that frequently.
• Minimap can be set to rotate with player in game options.
• Amulet charge is kept when you drop it and pick it up later.
• New amulets are found totally charged.
• Finished visuals and sound for the weapons added in the last update
• Improved models for moving platforms
• More tips and stats on the loading screen
• Character selection is sorted so unlocked characters are shown first.
• Last character and difficulty selected is saved.
• Lots of bugfixes
Update 7:
• Added Easy mode. It increases drop effectiveness and reduces the number of enemies on most encounters.
• Added New Game+, unlockable for each character. This mode has 6 levels and is way more difficult than the standard mode: Less experience, less drops, and more damage from enemies. It's probably too difficult, but we'll wait for user feedback before reducing it.
• Adjusted some amulet energy requirements to better fit their effects.
• Amazon,Sage and Golden amulets - They now give a decent amount of mana in addition to increasing fire rate.
• Fixed issue with Magnetic amulet and the Portal key
• Amulet effects are reset when switching levels.
• Changed spawn behavior so bosses aren't as vulnerable when spawning them.
• Boss Sir Arthur - Increased speed, reduced movement time, increased health
• Boss Gunkarr - Added some AoE damage to the sword attack.
• Boss Poloko - Now he recovers a bit of health when spawning enemies. Increased speed of his attacks. Removed some columns of the room so there's less cover from attacks.
• Boss Amanda - Increased leading time for attacks, increased health a bit.
• Boss Percival - Reduced a bit attack damage
• Boss Adam - Removed arcs that blocked AI pathfinding, now Adam can spawn Mini Golems too.
• Boss Ignus - Added more obstacles in the room.
• Boss Bastian - Increased speed of his short ranged attack, reduced attack delay
• Boss Examiner Cepheus - Many changes to increase difficulty: More speed, less delays, more attack variety...
• Added female voices for female characters (Bard).
• Added 3 new weapons - Skull of Xanatos, Flame Mortar, Serpent Staff. The art isn't fully done yet, but they should be playable.
• Increased number of standard rooms per level by 1.
• Changed Death Pact perk effect so it lasts a while.
• Perk selection screen cards are now shuffled.
• Fixed instancing issues, the game *should* run a little better.
• Added some decoration to challenge rooms, and fixed minor issues with them.
• Added new model for challenge reward item
• Improved visual and sound feedback for amulet interactions
• Fixed some grammar issues with texts.
Update 6:
• Weapon - Catapult of Doom: Reduced mana usage.
• Weapon - Fireweaver bombs: Increased mana usage.
• Weapon - Dragon's bile: Increased mana usage.
• Weapon - Divine wrath: Increasd damage and mana usage.
• Reduced Seer experience boost
• Enemy - Cockatrice: Increase a bit time between jumps
• Enemy - Basilisk: Slightly increase damage and reduce fire rate
• Enemy - Funghi: Slightly reduce health
• Enemy - Golem: Slightly increase health and threat value
• Enemy - Golem mini: Reduce damage
• Enemy - Orc: Slightly increase threat value
• Enemy - Armor: Slightly reduce damage
• Enemy - Demon: Reduce long range projectiles speed
• Enemy - Flying Armor: Reduce fire rate
• Increased trap damage on Hazard rooms
• Fixed ending sequence not starting properly
Update 5:
• New optional challenge rooms, with punishing platforming sections, and big rewards if you manage to get to the end.
• New feature: Amulets. They can be found in challenge rooms and treasure rooms, and have powers that can be activated by pressing the E key. Some powers last some time, such as double damage, and others are applied instantly.
• Currently the amount of amulets is a bit low and, although they are useful, their powers aren't that interesting. We plan on doing more amulets with more specific behaviors in the future.
• Bestiary should properly work now.
• Now you can switch to the last weapon you selected by pressing Q.
• View bob/zoom while sprinting can be disabled in game options.
• Reduced zoom out while sprinting on high FOV settings.
• Treasure boxes can now give perks, just like secret rooms.
• Improved the ending cutscenes.
Update 4:
• Added new Enemy: Funghi, a level 1 enemy with homing and poison cloud attacks.
• Added enemy champions that can have increased health, speed or damage.
• Added bestiary (not finished yet)
• Fixed obelisk health bar disappearing too soon
• Obelisk rooms now have to be cleared after destroying the last obelisk, instead of all enemies dying instantly
• Fixed "master of magic" achievement
• Increased experience drop lasting time
• Floor 5 is now shown as "Final floor"
• Additional images on the ending sequence (not finished yet)
• Mouse cursor now disappears when idle
• Button prompts now change dinamically depending on which controls you are using
• Big spike hazard room: Made the spikes in the central area faster to traverse.
• The ending stats and unlocks should now be properly seen after the ending sequence when completing the game
• Escape key isn't polled on the input map dialog (it's the cancel key)
• Removed "All" category from leaderboards (it made little sense to compare scores between different classes).
• Fixed "It's a trap!" achievement
Update 3:
• Исправлены проблемы полного экрана в OSX;
• Исправлен неработающий интерфейс настройки управления;
• Добавлен новый тип комнаты: обелиски. В них нужно уничтожить обелиски для прохождения комнаты.
• Проделана работа с улучшением производительности в толпе врагов, на уровнях церкви и замка (уровни 3,4,5);
• Похожее оружие не будет выпадать дважды за игру (но возможно, если открыто мало оружия);
• Добавлен новый предмет на очки. Очки "поднятых предметов" зависят только от них. Также влияет на сложность, так как здоровье и мана выпадают реже;
• Немного сбалансированы навыки (подробности на форуме);
• Добавлена кнопка "по умолчанию" на экране настройки управления;
• Добавлены новые двери в замке;
• Новые музыкальные композиции.
Update 2:
• New control customization screen
• Improved loading screens
• Increased amount of enemies on each room by ~25% (both total and maximum alive enemies)
• Reduced max number of enemies when there's only one type of enemy in the room by 15%
• More musics included
Update 1:
• Fixed black flickering when specific shaders were rendered (Heat distortion and Water)
• *Should* fix the problems when using a mouse with high polling rate
• Perk items on secret rooms have now a different look.
• Improvements on some visuals and particle effects (Eagle Staff & Catapult of Doom)
• Added some separators on the ending texts.
• Added some additional decorations on the castle theme (Level 5)

Ziggurat (1.0u12) / (2014)

Ziggurat (1.0u12) / (2014)

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