To the Moon (v 4.9.1 + 2 DLC) (2011) PC torrent download

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Genre: Indie, 2D, Abstract, Psychedelic
Developer / Publisher: Freebird Games
Platform: PC

Version: 4.9.1 + 2 DLC

Publication Type: pirates
Language: Multi (official Russian translation + Tolma4 Team)
Crack: enclosing (PROPHET)

System requirements:
> OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
> Processor: Intel Pentium III 800 MHz
> RAM: 512 MB
> Video: 256 MB
> Hard Disk: 800 MB of free space
> Sound Card: compatible with any DirectX9.0c

Description To the Moon:
To the Moon - this indie-RPG, tells the story of two doctors, who travel the memories of a dying old man to fulfill his last wish - to the moon ...

Description To the Moon - Holiday Special Minisode 1:
Holiday Special Minisode 1 - a mini-episode is 20 minutes long, and you will participate in a small marathon; therefore there is no save - so you have to go through it in one sitting!(In addition, there is no menu. And the only way out of the game ... is to press a combination of alt-f4, if you wanted to go to the end of the game. It's kind of trap, seriously. ... Good luck! -kan.) Actions take place during the holidays (vacation), the local branch of Sigmund Corp where Eva and Neil again busy ...

Description To the Moon - Holiday Special Minisode 2:
Continuation of the adventures of Eve and the local branch of the Nile Sigmund Corp ...

Extras. Info:
To the Moon - the first-born in a litter commercial pilot thumbnails Kan Gao (Kan Gao) from Freebird Games.Behind the mask of an archaic "Japanese» RPG lies show, in which the story and the atmosphere bend under him the other elements.Those who are not willing to sacrifice for the sake of tearjerker gameplay will be disappointed. To the Moon does not repair obstacles, hardly makes Brain Bashers.Here, the load on some internal organ - the heart. And also on the lacrimal ducts.Try not vsplakni when the drama unfolds before your eyes in the long decades!Gao chose topics that concern everyone: life, death, love, loneliness, loss torrentgamesnet possible fatal mistakes.Do pull on a full gameplay patchwork of burdensome action sequences, "obklikivaniya" all in a row, and "collect the image" of puzzles?It seems that the answer is obvious, but hey throw tomatoes. Well, a strong script with fantastic nezaezzhennoy prerequisite - a rarity these days.Finals, forcing the fish out of his pocket handkerchief, there is even rarer. What a joy finally stumble upon a product with not only well spelled out, but also skillfully filed plot. Even if all this is more like a cartoon than a video game ...


To the Moon (v 4.9.1 + 2 DLC) (2011) PC

To the Moon (v 4.9.1 + 2 DLC) (2011) PC

To the Moon (v 4.9.1 + 2 DLC) (2011) PC

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