Munin (2014 | Rus | Eng | Multi10) torrent download

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Genre: Arcade (Platform)
▪ Developer: Gojira
▪ Published: Daedalic Entertainment
▪ Game Version: 1.0
▪ Publication Type: License
▪ Language: ENG | RUS | GER | FRA | ITA | SPA | POL | POR | TUR
▪ Sound language: ENG
▪ Tablet: there (PROPHET)
▪ Size: 313 MB

Munin [2014 | Rus | Eng | Multi10]
√ Operating system: Windows 7/8
√ Processor: 2.33 GHz
√ Memory: 512 MB
√ Video Card: DirectX 9 compatible
√ Sound Card: DirectX compatible
√ Free hard drive space: 2 GB

Imagine that you are literally able to move mountains! Use realistic physics, northern runes, rotating platforms and their resourcefulness to help Munin, Odin's messenger, to regain strength in his 2D-journey through the worlds of Yggdrasil.
Munin the raven, faithful messenger of Odin, Loki's machinations were deprived of wings and faces the death girl. Wingless, but full of determination, she will overcome the nine worlds of Yggdrasil to reclaim their feathers and return to Asgard.
With the help of the rotating elements of the environment, helping to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles, the Munin game expands traditional notions of a side-scroller. Working on different objects, you can create bridges from pillars to transform the wall into the floor, and open new roads.
Other gameplay elements, such as switches and moving objects obey the laws of physics, do puzzles more interesting:environment elements can be rotated, and rocks and debris with a crash roll down and fall. Liquids, such as water or lava flow properly, and northern runes show the way to the lost feathers.
Munin includes to put the amazing worlds, 81 exciting levels and about 7 hours of exciting gameplay.

1. Install.
2. Copy the contents of the folder "PROPHET" in the folder with a game, to be replaced.
3. Play.

Munin (2014 | Rus | Eng | Multi10)

Munin (2014 | Rus | Eng | Multi10)

Munin (2014 | Rus | Eng | Multi10)

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