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Genre: Indie, 2D, Action, Adventure, Simulation, Strategy
Developer / Publisher: Mouldy Toof Studios / Team17 Digital Ltd
Platform: PC

Version: 1.05

Publication Type: pirates
Language: Multilingual, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish
Crack: enclosing (3DM SteamEmu)

System requirements:
> OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
> Processor: 2.4 GHz
> RAM: 2 Gb
> Graphics card: Intel HD Graphics 4000 / nVIDIA GeForce 8000 / ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series
> Hard Disk: 100 Mb of free space

Game Escapists - is a humorous look at the daily life of prisoners in the prison. Of course, your main goal - to escape!

The Escapists invites players to plunge into everyday prison life, and the main purpose, as for any prisoners - to escape!Under the strict supervision of the protection of the players have to perform daily chores, while quietly appropriating useful items right under the noses of the jailers.To escape the prisoners must learn to create a kind of sound on subjects useful tools and even weapons and know how to use them to implement tricky diversions.

Players need to know when they should abide by the rules, and usefully spend time developing their own plans of escape.The secret of life behind bars is the study of the daily routine of the prison and the ability to notice the favorable cases. Since the development of possible ways to enter and even obfuscated protection soon becomes a habit.

Players must not forget to appear on the roll, not losing jobs and maintain good relations with other prisoners.You can also improve the statistics of your character in different ways, including by developing its intelligence and engaging in regular physical activity. Find a balance between daily routine and develop an escape plan to reach the ultimate goal - to escape to freedom!


Time - Action

08:00 - Roll
09:00 - Breakfast
10:00 - Jobs
13:00 - Roll
14:00 - Free time
16:00 - Snack
17:00 - Training
18:00 - Shower
19:00 - Free time
22:00 - Roll
23:00 - Sleep

• 8 fully operational prisons with different routines, allowing you to experience the *real* life behind bars!
• 10 job positions that you can do, unless you have enough knowledge and skills to earn and save these jobs!
• Over 185 unique items that you can find, and perhaps even be used to create useful objects. (Team17 fully endorses the use of various weapons, including sharpening, nunchaku and hammers, but only in a fictional environment!).
• Different types of favors that you can perform for the other inmates. You do not want to upset them?
• It is extremely self-confident and incredibly funny prisoners and the guards will not only keep you in suspense, but also entertained!
• Many ways to escape, passing that you can become the best in the history of a fugitive The Escapists!
• Multiple cells to save the game, so you have the opportunity to develop several plans of escape!
• The ability to earn achievements Steam.
• Leaderboard Steam. Once free, compare your results with other players who have successfully escaped from prison.

The Escapists (2015) PC by tg

The Escapists (2015) PC by tg

The Escapists (2015) PC by tg

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