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Genre: Indie, 2D, Action, arcade, Platformer, adventure
Developer / Publisher: Yacht Club Games
Platform: PC

Version: 1.2.3 a

Publication Type: License (
Interface language: Multilanguage (ZoG Forum Team / translation Version: 1.1 from 12.04.2015) , English, French, Italian, German, Spanish
Tablet: Not required (DRM-free)

System requirements:
> OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
> Processor: with a clock speed of 2.1 GHz
> RAM: 2 Gb
> Video card: 256 Mb VRAM
> Hard disk: 150 Mb free space
> Sound Card: any

A classic platformer with awesome gameplay, memorable characters and retroactively eight games. The explosive mixture of new and old, which will cause you to memory games such as Mega Man, Castlevania and Dark Souls.

The protagonist of the game — a little knight, before which is a huge task — to defeat the evil witch and save his lost beloved. His gun — Sword-Shovel — has several purposes, but the technique was lost for centuries. Our knight always honest, ready to valiantly defend their honor, mercilessly crushing enemies or being engaged in a tireless excavations.

However, on the way to his beloved he would encounter many evil knights. This terrible Ruthless enemy of the Order strongly prevent a Knight with a shovel made his way to the witch!

If you love games with perfect platforming gameplay, beautiful graphics, infectious music crazy bosses, Shovel Knight is for you!

> Dig! Run! Jump! Explore! Blast your way through various levels full of secrets.
> Narrative elements, full of lightness and humor
> Awesome soundtrack by Jake "Virt" Kaufman
> A large number of knights-the bosses for whom you can play
Extras. Info:
Best platformer this year — challenging, interesting, following all the traditions of the genre

Yacht Club Games is a small Studio founded by a former employee of the company WayForward Technologies ' Sean Velasco. If you have never heard of the second title, don't be surprised — the track record of this team on 99% of frankly garbage projects like interactive percussion show girls "Sabrina, the teenage witch". The most memorable game released by WayForward, DuckTales Remastered is called, and made her up a long time ago by different people.

Perhaps Sean somewhat tired of doing remakes of arcade classics and games based on children's cartoons, so in 2011 he left the company and founded the Yacht Club. However, the passion for the old games, he maintained, so the first project of the new Studio was Shovel Knight, made "antique" platformer that combines the best elements of the eight hits and modern video games.

Shovel Knight starts relatively easy, but pretty soon makes you remember what real hardcore eight. The enemies are becoming smarter, more dangerous traps. Hour and a half you already jump from one narrow platform to another in total darkness, praying that level quickly lit up for a moment, the lightning, only your assistant, and to under the cover of darkness you would not creep up any flying enemy, who dream only about how to reset brave knight into a bottomless abyss.

Fortunately, old-school difficulty was well balanced by more modern touches, like checkpoints, are scattered throughout each level. In addition, a limitless supply of life — dying, the hero only loses a part of its accumulated gold, which you can then return, when they reached the place of death and collecting fallen out of knight's pockets bags of money (Hello, Dark Souls!). While fans of hardcore, it is possible to further complicate the game, breaking the checkpoint and getting a reward for it, but, in the event of a crash, rolling back to the very beginning of the level, as was common on the NES.

But for those who want more than the usual platforming, the developers have added in Shovel Knight light RPG elements. For example, the ability to upgrade armor, weapons and basic characteristics of the hero (though they are only two — health and magic), as well as a variety of magical artifacts with different properties: from a magic wand that shoots fire, until the amulet for a few seconds makes absolutely invincible knight. In the village you can flirt with a girl in a Bohemian lace dress, Royal castle guard mouse with propellers, but if when creating a character to enter a special cheat code, all verbs and nouns in the game will be replaced with the word "ass". A celebration of life, and only.

Shovel Knight is not too difficult. You do not need constant focus and agility, as in VVVVV, there is no mind-bending puzzles of Braid or intense battles with the bosses in Teslagrad. Health always enough, and many strip trials will have a couple of attempts. Bosses, though, and bring trouble at first, too easy, one has only to guess the order of their actions and to get the hand. Even if you don't, you can always go back to past locations, and accumulate gold to buy some useful artifact or improvement.

Shovel Knight is not a mere imitation of the classics, and this interactive Museum. Studio Yacht Club has collected a mountain of memories of the Golden age of the NES and made them into a gorgeous platformer about a knight with a shovel.

1. run setup_shovel_knight_2.8.0.15.exe and install the game
2. run ShovelKnight_ZoG.exe shovel_knight_русификация from the folder and install crack in the game folder


v1.2.3 A

• Fix: “shaking” movement on map which could occur when playing without VSync.
• Fix: Defeating a wandering encounter while on the sides of the screen could sometimes result in a bugged cinematic with the player running endlessly off screen. That's ice cold, SK. At least stick around long enough to their departing dialogue!
• Fix: typo in German opening text.
• Linux: Improved audio configuration
• Additional controller support.
• Controller bindings made from within Steam (Big Picture, etc) are no longer overridden by the bindings within the play, enjoy controller's database.
• Fix: Crash when a large number of controllers are connected


• New: Relic Quick Select! Enable this within the controller options menu to allow quickly cycling through relics without needing to open the menu. Relic cycle Press both buttons at the same time to unequip your current relic. Relics can also be switched to instantly with the number keys!
• New: Full Screen Effects Toggle. Shovel Knight occasionally makes use of effects which causes a large portion of the screen to change colors to add emphasis to certain events. This setting disables these effects or makes them less intense.
• New: Menu Item Totals! Once you have cleared the final stage (or in Game+) you can display your song scroll collection tally for a particular stage with the “Select” button. This holiday, how about getting your favorite local Bard what he's always wanted?!
• Adjustment: Any map past encounter Reize will not spawn until Reize is either defeated or 1 hour of game time has elapsed. Speedy knights no longer need to roll the dice on map encounter movements so late in a run.
• Adjustment: Missile leading up to Treasure Knight's front door has been slowed down slightly.
• Adjustment: Specter Knight's opening scythe toss is a bit more predictable.
• Adjustment: Relic button'controller's default binding moved to the upper-most face button of the controller instead of right shoulder button.
• Fix: Grammatical errors in text for: French, Italian, and German. Thanks everyone, who contacted us with corrections, keep ‘em coming!
• Fix: Error which caused the in-game clock to not count up while at the Troupple Pond or campfire. Note: This fix makes the “Hurry Up!” achievement slightly harder!
• Fix: “Left Stick/L3” and “Right Stick/R3” not displaying in menus when using a Sony or Microsoft controller.
• Fix: Right direction button displaying a left dpad icon within the binding controller menus when using a Sony or Microsoft controller.
• Windows: Performance improvements
• Mac/Linux: Fix: Render crash on startup when using slightly older software based OpenGL version.
• Shane Calimlim Added to the credits. He's been here for a while — but welcome aboard just the same! Without his ongoing engine improvements, debugging support, and drastic overhauls to our build system then these kinds of patches wouldn't be happening! Hurray for continuous integration!


• Game-wide performance improvements across all platforms!
• Fix: First gold producing dirt block in Plains would drop two coins on top of one another.
• Fix: Possible crash involving Mr. Hat Boss.
• Fix: Miscellaneous crash fixes.
• Fix: Inching past an open (but not rummaged through) treasure chest with the charge slash no longer snaps Shovel Knight back to the chest. Still hilarious.
• Devices: Linux and Mac now have support for SnesMayflashAdapter, Retrobit NES adapter, and Buffalo Famicom Controller. Windows properly supports the SnesMayflashAdapter once again. Welcome, native game padders!
• Game now respects SDL_AUDIODRIVER envar. Fixes some setups having no audio at all!
• Fix: Mail of Momentum providing an extra jump for Shovel Knight. Consider it a sneak peak at Plague Knight!


• Shovel Knight is now available on Linux! No longer must you brave the perils of emulators, virtual machines, dual booting, or what-have-you to do battle against the forces of evil. Now that Windows, Mac and Linux are all released, you can play Shovel Knight on your system(s) of choice!
• Clarified cheat activation text to be a little clearer.
• Fix: Gastronomer forgetting remaining meals if Shovel Knight left just as a sequential meal was being served. Ah the old dine and dash and then dine again trick...


• Shovel Knight goes international! Play the entire game in English, French, Italian, German, or Spanish! You can swap between languages at any time within the Options Menu. Whether you're playing the game for the first time, picking up a new language, or just trying out a new flavor of the Shovel Knight adventure — we hope you enjoy it! Thanks to the team at Words of Magic for their tireless work in translating the Shovel Knight spirit. Squeezing puns into fixed-width NES font space is no joke!
• Shovel Knight now runs on a wider range of earlier OS versions. Mavericks not required!


• Fix: Timing issue where the Inventory screen could be opened with the game unpaused.
• Fix: Getting captured by Treasure Knight's chest while using the Ichor of Boldness leading to a missing Shovel Knight.
• Fix: Cheats not carried over in New Game+ when a file is reloaded.
• Fix: Falling into pit during final boss battles leading to soft lock.
• Fix: Escaping final battle with Propeller Dagger.
• Fix: Fall through floor if using Dust Knuckle when defeating Polar Knight during Round Table.
• Fix: Enchantress blocks frozen by creative Chaos Orb use.
• Fix: Entering Enchantress fight with shovel drop causing crash.
• Tweak: Fixed a portrait and added one slacker to the Hall of Champions.
• Game can now be played with out the GamePad! “Please re-connect GamePad” message will only display if it was your last used controller before disconnect or if you were displaying the game on the GamePad screen.
• NEW: GamePad screen can be toggled between Main and Sub type by pressing the “Select Button” within the Pause Menu. Quicker than going all the way to the video option menu!
• Fix: Crash when the battery died on GamePad with certain Wii U system features enabled.
• Fix: Music not resuming if a Miiverse post is selected while the inventory is open on screen.
• NEW! Update option on the main menu makes updating to new versions of Shovel Knight a breeze! Welcome to the internet future, medieval knight man!
• Fix: Home menu crash issues
• NEW! Borderless window option
• Additional controller support. Thank You to everyone who submitted their devices! –
• Fix: V-sync Ladder Climber animation timing


• Fix: “Reflect Lord Feat” only incrementing enemies hit count if it the reflected attack was non-fatal.
• Fix: DualShock button prompts not auto-detecting.
• Fix: Treasure Knight getting caught on walls during vertical downward anchor shots.
• Fix: Player could retreat to the previous screen during Specter Knight's battle. Props to Specter''s tenacity in contiuing to hunt down Shovel Knight in this situation.
• NEW: Controller option allows disabling all controller use in game. Intended for players who might prefer to use external gamepad mapping tools -- we'll continue to support as many input devices as we possibly can!


• Feat progress is immediately saved upon unlocking. Previously, Feats could be unlocked but lost by the regular saving mechanisms if a game exited or turned off before reaching an autosave point.
• Fix: (Alchemy Lab) Sound would loop forever if the Potion Master mid boss was defeated at a certain frame
• Fix: (Tower: ????) Fix Soft lock involving NPC AI.
• Fix: Double KO end to a boss battles disabled access to pause and relic menus.
• Potential Fiix: SNES MayflashAdapter and LogitechWingmanRumblepad controller bindings. Please let us know if you are still experiencing issues with these devices!


• Removed an “empty” Song Scroll from Clockwork Tower which could never be collected or turned in.
• Fix: “Halfway” Feat unlocking when re-clearing a stage.
• Fix: Black Knight ignores damage during Plains intro. For some players, there was a small window of opportunity to Ground Spark which could cause Black Knight to go off .
• Fix: Sparker Feat not unlocking when defeating Black Knight.
• No Feat should go unnoticed! — Added an option to the Feats menu which allows you to sync unlocked Feats to your Steam Achievements with the F4 key.
• Direction inputs can be bound to multiple buttons–just press more than one input at once. Intended for players who wanted to map Shovel Drop to its own button.
• Fix: “Steam Saving Not Enabled” message showing up all the time. Now you can save to the cloud! Propeller Knight would be proud.
• Fix: Some Boot up crash repairs for Steam
• Fix: Monitors running higher than 60hz running at double speed or faster
• Fix: Player and Encounter Map movement halting the game under certain vsync/video settings.
• Fix: The following Feats not unlocking in Steam Achievements: “I'm Alive”, “Hurry Up”, “music from untouched”, and “Shovel Economy”
• Additional controller support.


• Fix: Shovel Knight dancing endlessly when defeating the first form of Tinker Knight with an aerial Shovel Drop attack.

changelog Russification


Version 1.1 from 12.04.15

• Fixed bugs in the text
• Compatible with version 1.2.3 b
• Fixed display of the English text

Version 1.0: 21.08.14

• The first version

Shovel Knight (v 1.2.3a) (2014) PC | License

Shovel Knight (v 1.2.3a) (2014) PC | License

Shovel Knight (v 1.2.3a) (2014) PC | License

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