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Genre: Action, Arcade, Platform
Developer: Upper One Games, E-Line Media
Publisher: E-Line Media
Version: 1.7.0
Publication Type: SteamRip
Interface language: Multilingual, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Brazilian (Portuguese)
Language: - // -
Tablet: is Present (NNM|CODEX|SKIDROW)

This is a story about Kunuuksayuka. The story of the endless snowstorm that threatened death to our people. The history of the dangerous journey to the icy edge of the world. The story of courage and true friendship.Play my story. You - a girl, and you - fox, you go on a dangerous land and look into the face icy horror. You will meet fantastic creatures and see Lost Village.You will discover the secrets and beauty of spirit helpers, hidden in the world around us. Overcome obstacles along the trials and violent nature. In alone survive. But you can, if you wisely use the strengths of each other and will not give up in the face of the terrible North wind and snow. You can restore the balance on earth. Otherwise we will lose everything...


Never Alone - this atmospheric puzzle-platformer for 1 or 2 players in the creation of which was attended by the indigenous people of Alaska. It allows you to delve into the ancient tradition of the Arctic Inupiat tribe and gives invaluable gaming experience.
Play for girl and Fox at any time by switching between characters. Together they must overcome obstacles and solve puzzles — each of them has unique skills and abilities. The second player may at any time to join the local co-op game.
Explore the dangerous expanses of the Arctic, from the tundra and coastal villages to the ice floes and mysterious forest. Get ready to face storm winds, blizzards and deceptive mountains.
Meet amazing heroes inputscope folklore: a Murderer, little people, spirit helpers, Man Blizzard and many others. That game Never Alone much more reliable, to create it helped the elders and storytellers of the indigenous people of Alaska.
Listen to a story about Manoussaki in the performance of the narrator from the tribe of Inupiat in their native language — this has not happened in any video game.
Unlock special videoekskursiyu recorded by the community of Inupiat to touch their legends, wisdom and life views.
Never Alone: Foxtales


Before installing the game disable your Antivirus and Firewall so that they are not deleted (blocked files tablets)
Attention! Before installation in the client Steam, the game should already be registered on your account, and the client Steam - closed!
Run setup.exe
Select the installation version (hacked or steam)
Install the distribution game
Language change in the parameters of the game.

Features of release:

Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna)
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Games Version: 1.7.0
Content downloaded 07 October 2015 and completely identical to the licensed version games distributed in Steam
No need for third-party installers and updates. Game content is packed in a simple installer with little compression.

✔ Operating system: Windows 7
✔ Processor: Intel® Core ™ 2 Duo 2.4 GHz
✔ Memory: 2 GB
✔ Video card: GeForce 240 GT or Radeon HD 6570
✔ Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX® 9.0
✔ Free hard drive space: 3 GB

Never Alone (2014 / PC / SteamRip / Rus | Multi) from Let'sRlay

Never Alone (2014 / PC / SteamRip / Rus | Multi) from Let'sRlay

Never Alone (2014 / PC / SteamRip / Rus | Multi) from Let'sRlay

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