The Maw (2009 / PC / Eng | Multi8) torrent download

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Genre: Arcade / 3D / 3rd Person
Developer: Twisted Pixel Games and Hothead Games
Publisher: Microsoft
Released: 2009
Language: MULTY 8 (not Russian)

The Maw - present an exciting adventure in the world of aliens.
Behind the Xbox 360 The Maw is available to users PC. May it be so!
Chief adventurer named Frank explores the strange world and tries to return home.
It seems, Captain Olimar can give him some advice on this matter.
The game seems to be quite nice and has already received quite a few responses.
So, if you have enough desire, forward !!!

Version of the game to get rid of Steam (for the gifted: dancing with a tambourine POTREBUYUTSYA NOT!).
Game perepakovanye, removed all of the resources are not related to the game data (manuals, links, Steam files, etc.).

The hand added additional content
1. The Maw Deleted Scene - Brute Force
2. The Maw Deleted Scene - River Redirect

1. The Maw: Brute Force
In this "deleted scene" from The Maw, the Bounty Hunters have sent in members from their new elite strike force, the Brutes, to stop Frank and Maw.The two must use powers from the Beetull and Gastro creatures to avoid capture. This part of the story takes place between the Bulb Valley and Chaindown levels.
• Introduces the Brute Bounty Hunter
• New puzzles
• New objects
• New cinemas
• Uses the powers of the Beetull and Gastro creatures

2. The Maw: River Redirect
In this "deleted scene" from The Maw, raging fires block Frank and Maw's way, but with the powers of the Gastro and Puff-tor creatures, they change the course of a river and reopen their path. This part of the story takes place after the Looferland level.
• Brute Bounty Hunter, introduced in the Brute Force DLC
• New puzzles
• New cinemas
• Uses the powers of Gastro and Puff-Tor creatures

1. Extract the contents of TheMawDeletedScene.rar archive to a folder with a game, for example, D: DocumentsGames with file replacement
2. Enjoy the game with additional content!

Selection of additional content levels:
1. Start the game
2. Select Play Game> Load Level and left / right arrow to scroll through the items Deleted Scene Brute Force and Deleted Scene River Redirect

System Requirements: Minimum System Requirements
Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista
Processor: AMD® Athlon® 2.2 GHz or 64 analogue
Memory: 1024 MB RAM
Winchester: 300 MB
Video: Nvidia® Geforce® 7600 256 MB or equivalent, (ATI® 2400)
Sound: DirectX® 9.0c compatible sound card

The Maw (2009 / PC / Eng | Multi8)

The Maw (2009 / PC / Eng | Multi8)

The Maw (2009 / PC / Eng | Multi8)

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