The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (v1.05Hotfix) (2014) PC torrent download

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Genre: Indie, 2D, Action, Arcade
Developer / Publisher: Edmund McMillen and Nicalis, Inc.
Platform: PC

Version: 1.05Hotfix

Publication Type: pirates
Language: English (translation is not required)
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System requirements:
> OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
> Processor with a clock speed of 2.4 GHz Quad Core 2.0 (or higher)
> Memory: 8 GB
> Graphics card: Intel HD Graphics 4000 and higher / ATI Radeon HD-Series 4650 and higher / Nvidia GeForce 2xx-Series and up
> Hard Disk: 350 MB free space

When Isaac's mother hears the voice of God demanding a sacrifice to prove her faith, Isaac ran to the basement, but faced there with the crazy crowds of enemies, their lost brothers and sisters, his fears and finally, with her own mother.

«The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth» - this is a remake of the game «The Binding of Isaac», in the style of 16-bit graphics, released November 4, 2014.The game developed by Nicalis headed by Edmund MakMillenom, and is a dimensional shooter with randomly generated levels and role-playing elements and rouglayk (Rogue-like) games.Accompanying Isaac in his adventures, players will find many unusual treasures that change Isaac's appearance and give him superhuman abilities, allowing the crowd to win mysteriouscreatures, discover many secrets and fight to make its way to recovery. Development of the game began in 2013. With the new engine has been improved game performance.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth - a game based entirely on The Binding of Isaac and the Wrath of the Lamb, new items characters, enemies, bosses and heads.Edmund wanted to release the game on the Nintendo 3DS, but the idea had to be abandoned because of the policies concerning religion in Nintendo games.Retro graphics has been selected from the very beginning: Edmund did not like the graphics in the original game, so he is the chief designer from the very beginning supported the idea of ​​pixel graphics.Edmund plans to achieve better balance in the game, to minimize situations where it is important not skill player, and a set of objects in the character.According to Edmund, the characters need to be balanced, but not in terms of characteristics: some characters on the idea have to be complicated. Battle with Isaac and ??? They will be less similar to each other, according to Edmund.

New features

A remake of the new services, most of which were previously unavailable due to the change of the engine:

- The ability to save the game;
- Support co-op mode;
- Support for full-screen mode;
- Two game modes: normal and complicated;
- Support for controllers;
- Unlimited number of hearts soul visible length scale health;
- You can have more than six satellites;
- By the time the race and the promotion of high-speed passage (Room call);
- An indicator of faith affect the appearance of the Angel Rooms;
- Was removed mouse control.

New content


The game appeared about 250 new items, bringing the total number of subjects was 450.


The game has 4 new characters: Azazel, Eden, and Lazarus Lost:

- Eden starts with random characteristics, and the two subjects;
- To play Eden need to get tokens falling from the mother;
- Lazar starts the game with two lives, reborn with one heart;
- Lost - a secret character, which opens in a special way;
- Azazel starts the game with a little gray.

There have also been reconfigured characteristic of the old characters.

Enemies and Bosses

Added 25 enemies and bosses 16.

Rooms and floors

The game has added new rooms and levels. Also we added new curse held over a clear division into chapters.


There are new tests.


2015-02-11 Patch 1.05 Hotfix

Curse of the Maze's visual effect removed and replaced with a sound effect
Fixed Ipecac not destroying objects
Fixed Ipecac interaction with Pyromaniac

2015-02-06 Patch 1.05

Version number no longer displayed in main menu
New visual effect when Curse of the Maze is active
Curse of the Maze now shuffles room layouts more randomly
Improved Proptosis and Anti-Gravity interaction
Modified enemy creep animation
Modified teleport animation
Removed the Lemon Party pill's white flash
Ipecac shots no longer affect Donation Machines, Slot Machines, Beggars, etc.
Pin and Scolex's health bars now accurately depletes
Libraries now correctly play their own music track
Fixed being able to play Eden without any Eden tokens
Added awakening animation to Homunculus and Begotten
Fixed a Boss Rush exploit involving teleportation items
Improved Crack The Sky
I AM ERROR rooms on the Chest and Dark Room now generate brand new floors

2014-12-29 Patch 1.041

Fix auto release of fire button after room transition
Fix secret room placement
Fix heart pickup distribution for local co-op

2014-12-24 Patch 1.04

Fix bombing secret / special room walls
Fix screensaver coming up during play on Linux
Fix not being able to delete save slots on Steam Cloud
Fix Judas achievements not unlocking with Black Judas
Fix getting stuck during teleport
Fix crash when jumping to new level
Fix eternal flies for blue baby fight
Fix Dad's Key for double locked doors
Fix hang on We Need To Go Deeper
Fix invisible laser damage
Fix familiars being overwritten by blue spiders / flies
New seeds for christmas
Fix Womb room with 4 Gaping Maws in the center
Fix Jar + Double Heart issues
Fix Guppy's Collar hiding co-op babies
Fix Full Health / Rainbow Poop for local co-op

Krampus infinite item glitch has been fixed
Mystery Sack now drops a random consumable every few rooms
Book of Belial now has a use image
The Womb Room with four Gaping Maws has been changed so that two of the Maws are "broken", trying to suck Isaac in for 4 seconds, and then stop for four seconds
Samson's Chains made easier to use

2014-12-11 Patch 1.032

Fix teleport AI for Lump, Parabite, Loki, Blue Baby, and others
Prevent Steam achievements for modded games
Fix seeded run exploit
Fix some impossible rooms in Cellar, Womb / Utero, and Chest
Fix Secret room placement on some floors
Fix Boss room placement on XL floors

2014-12-10 Patch 1.031

Improve Steam Cloud sync
Fix random disconnect for Sony controllers
Fix crash on trinket pool reset
Fix Gemini + BFFS
Fix Technology 2 + Chocolate Milk
Eden's start items are seeded more reliably
Fix collectible spawn position for There's Options and Negative
Fix Holy Mantle continue exploit
Fix seed exploit for challenge runs
Fix hard mode affecting room drops other than hearts
Fix P2 blood donation exploit
Fix P2 anti-gravity
Fix P2 being able to use bombs
Fix Devil Deal exploit with half soul heart
Fix invincible Carrion Queen
Fix Blue Baby restart issue
Fix Haunt not invincible for the first few frames
Fix 60fps interpolation for Cube of Meat 2
Fix picked up item disappearing when exiting during pickup animation
Limit Halo of Flies count to 10
Change Lil 'Brimstone deal to 2 hearts
Change Ticking Spider collision damage to half a heart
Change Head of Krampus to 6 charges
Improve Dark Bum mechanics

2014-11-11 Patch 1.02

White textures
Players using OpenGL 2.x due to older graphics hardware had an issue where many textures in the game were white. This should be fixed in 90% of the cases now.If you were using the "ogl2" beta, make sure to opt out of the beta so you can upgrade to 1.02. Many thanks to the people who helped us test this over the weekend.
Window disappearing on startup
This happened to players on Windows. The game window would show up for a short amount of time and then disappear, while the music was still playing.
This issue should be fixed now. In case some of you still experience this, there is a trick to make the window re-appear: Press Windows + Left, or Windows + Right (the little key with the Windows logo, and one of the arrow keys).
Crash on startup
This was caused by a broken options.ini, and could be resolved by deleting the file. The game can detect and repair broken ini files now, so this should be fixed, too.
Startup crash on Linux with shader errors in the log
I'm not entirely sure whether this is fixed or not. The shader errors are sorted out now, and I hope this was the cause of the crash. Make sure to write to if you are on Linux and your game is still crashing on startup.
Missing achievements
The following achievements were not unlocking properly.
Platinum God
Real Platinum God
Dead boy
Fixed a problem with the music pitch during the Epilogue cutscene, and some gameplay related issues.
Fixed crash when sound is not working
Fixed save / continue during Boss Rush
Fixed The Lost + Dead Cat exploits
Fixed infinite item respawn exploits
Fixed P2 Trinity Shield exploit
Fixed D10 generating invincible enemies

Soundtrack DLC works now!

2014-11-07 Patch 1.01

Add parameter in Options.ini where you can turn off Steam Cloud
Add ALT + F2 shortcut on Stats page to import Steam achievements
Add missing files for Soundtrack DLC
Add some lost items to the item pools
Fix crash on using FBO in OpenGL contexts 2
Fix some issues with Steam Cloud Sync
Fix Haunt staying invulnerable sometimes
Fix other gameplay related bugs
Fix OS X black screen issue
Fix player position when returning from Black Market
Fix crash when fighting one of the final bosses
Fix Xbox 360 controller issues on Linux

Increased the default range of Azazel's Brimstone
Improved the effect of Range Up items on Azazel's Brimstone
Decreased Dark Bum's heart conversion rate to an approximate 1.5: 1 ratio

2014-10-31 Release 1.0

Some log output removed
Will erase any old stats and saved game

2014-10-29 Pre-Release 0.9

First release without debugging features
Will erase any old stats and saved games

Bonus content
• Soundworks by Ridiculon
• Soundworks by Inverse Phase

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (v1.05Hotfix) (2014) PC

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (v1.05Hotfix) (2014) PC

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (v1.05Hotfix) (2014) PC

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