The Binding of Isaac (v1.3.2) (2011) PC | Community Remix Edition torrent download

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Genre: Indie, 2D, Action, Arcade
Developer / Publisher: TBoI Community Remix ModGroup
Platform: PC

Version: 1.3.2

Publication Type: pirates
Language: English (translation is not required)
License: Freeware

System requirements:
> OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
> Processor: 2.5 GHz
> Memory: 1 GB
> Video card: compatible with Direct X9.0c
> Hard Disk: 150 MB free space

When Isaac's mother hears the voice of God demanding a sacrifice to prove her faith, Isaac ran to the basement, but faced there with the crazy crowds of enemies, their lost brothers and sisters, his fears and finally, with her own mother.

«The Binding of Isaac Community Remix Edition» - The fan is edition, which includes the replacement of music, new characters, rooms, test modes, graphics, effects and much more.

The game itself is a two-dimensional shooter with randomly generated levels and role-playing elements and rouglayk (Rogue-like) games.Accompanying Isaac in his adventures, players will find many unusual treasures that change Isaac's appearance and give him superhuman abilities, allowing the crowd to defeat mysterious creatures, discover the many mysteries and to fight to make its way to recovery.



Direct Mode for flash rendering which speeds up isaac
XBox Controller support with vibration feedback
Cheats Support and a big default cheat list is available with the mod (thanks to cannon for some of the cheats that was originally made for Cheat Engine)
Give Items / Trinkets / Cards without any necesities like leaving the rooms or restarting
Edit pills in rotation
Edit stats
Add items and trinkets on startup
Edit item pools
Edit floors
Set player color
Seeded random which gives ability to repeat the same run or share a run with somebody
Create and share challenge runs
Record Gifs and take screenshots with current item list
Teleport to rooms and floors
Many optional fixes for isaac
Map generator is now ported to C ++ which generates the map instantly and does not create any white or pink glitches anymore
Show Damage and Health Bar on Ememy Hit
Show Stats
Internal ups editor and variable debugger
Resizible window
Reroll D6, D20 with a shortcut, no need to have the item
And other stuff ...

Community Remix

Update 1.3.2: "just some bug fixes"

Fixed telepathy for dummies
Fixed the Blue Candle bug
Fixed the select button
New items are in the pools


Ver 0.9.1

Added support for AS2 plugins
2 new cheats
Added some plugins

Survival mode

Updated 1.5 survival mode:

Made that floor blood clear is now 100% and after each 5 waves even if last wave is hit
Fixed Trinket pool items removal
Duplicated treasure pool into devil pool
Fixed the issue when you can change the room at the start of the game
Fixed counters not beeing reset when selecting a new character
Decreased coin drops after wave 88
Added liniar rate decrease for heart drops till wave 88
rebalanced drops


Tarot Card / Pill crash explained + fix


All Items in all pools .xml


Object IDs

The Binding of Isaac (v1.3.2) (2011) PC | Community Remix Edition

The Binding of Isaac (v1.3.2) (2011) PC | Community Remix Edition

The Binding of Isaac (v1.3.2) (2011) PC | Community Remix Edition

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