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Genre: Arcade, Fighting, 3D
Developer: Dimps
Publisher: Namco Bandai Games
Game Version: (update 6)
Publication Type: Steam-Rip
Language: Multilingual, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Polish
Language: English, Japanese
Tablet: (ALI213 | 3DM)
System requirements:
√ Operating system: Windows Vista, 7, 8
√ Processor: Intel Dual Core 2,4 GHz, AMD Athlon X2 5200+
√ Memory: 2 GB
√ Video card: GeForce 8800 GT / Radeon HD 3870
√ Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
√ Free hard drive space: 10 GB

Take part in epic battles familiar characters as themselves. You heard right! You get the opportunity to feel the atmosphere of Dragon Ball, creating your own character.Team up with Kai of Time and Trunks to confront the common enemies, which will act in the role of villains Towa and Mira, who want to change the history of the world forever!The well-known couple acquired or know how to acquire a powerful artifact that will change the course of events at their request. Naturally, such a daring plan to have to break.Embark on a fierce battle with the wicked their henchmen, your path leads to Tokitoki!This is a new futuristic city in which you have yet to meet new enemies and allies, then as lucky. Your formation will occur under the control of the hero, who became your teacher. You have the right to choose his own.
ADJUSTABLE AVATAR - The players themselves create your own character for the world of Dragon Ball. Choose from earthlings, Majin, sayyanov, namekianov or clan members friezes and start a fight!
NEW WORLD - Hours that once stopped, will again begin their move in a mysterious futuristic city Tokitoki!
New characters - World - android, try to become the most powerful creatures in the universe; Tova - a scientist from the dark world of demons; Kai Time Lord - deity appeared more than 75 million yearsback and her companion, a bird named Tokitoki very powerful form of life, capable of producing time!
SYSTEM OF TEACHERS - choose the original character Dragon Ball, which you want to make your teacher. Your choice depends on your skill set and circuit training. Your teacher may even appear unexpectedly on the battlefield during your battles!
STRONG DIVE - The game is based on one the most popular TV series in history.
IMPROVED GAMEPLAY - Enjoy a new dynamic and a deep combat system!

DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE GT Pack 2 (+ Mira and Towa)
DRAGON BALL Z: Resurrection 'F' pack

Features of release:
Dragon Ball Xenoverse
Page in the Store Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/323470/
Game Version:
Content loaded 9 June 2015, and is identical to the licensed version of the game distributed on Steam.
Game content is packed in a simple installer with compression by default.
Before installing the game disable your Antivirus and Firewall so that they are not deleted (blocked files tablets)
Attention! Before installation in the client Steam, the game should already be registered on your account, and the client Steam - closed!
Run setup.exe
Select the installation version (hacked or steam)
Install the distribution game
Sound language change in the game settings

Dragon Ball: Xenoverse (2015) PC | Steam-Rip by Let'sPlay

Dragon Ball: Xenoverse (2015) PC | Steam-Rip by Let'sPlay

Dragon Ball: Xenoverse (2015) PC | Steam-Rip by Let'sPlay

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