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Genre: Arcade (Platform)
Developer: Landon Podbielski
Publisher: Adult Swim Games
Developer website:
Language: English
Platform: PC
System requirements:
* Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
* Processor: 1.5 GHz
Memory: 512 MB
Video Card: 128 MB
* Hard disk space: 200 MB
Description: Duck Game - 2D-game with frantic multiplayer battles aggressive ducks. In 1984, in the distant universe, there is a futuristic world of Duck. This ownership industrialized ducks.Infrastructure is growing ducks and covers everything from the ponds to the parking lots, offices and water coolers. Ducks are working day and night, keeping the fierce pace of the military defense industry.Endless contracts for weapons, the advancement in technology weapons, work with the papers - all this gives employment to all the ducks. Everyone always.The Duck world nothing is free, and the work - that's life. The new production, laboratory and business department are appearing every day. Natural areas, in fact, no longer.Trees and forest in the world Duck - no more than a simulation. Recently, the design of ducks reached heavenly heights - literally.Giant floating platforms plunged the world ducks in impenetrable darkness.The final touch in this immoderate industry was the recent vote for a change of ducks Duck law; now the obligatory installation of ubiquitous, randomly generated portals for the delivery of weapons.Weapons available anytime, anywhere. And in the world of office chairs, closed doors, artificial grass and portals with machine guns, there are four ducks, crazy of work. Duck Game includes more than 50 arenas, 40 weapons and a level editor.

Installing and recommendations
Preparations for the launch:
1. Install the game Duck Game (run setup.exe as an administrator)
2. Set the DG - Fix Repair v3
All the files you want to play on the network in the distribution already.

Starting the game:
1. First launch any simulator LAN and enter the room / network of players (either by using this local network).
2. Start the game through the shortcut on the desktop or DuckGame.exe in the game folder.

In Game:
Play Online -> Find Game -> expected to connect to the server, or accept an invitation to friends via Steam -> Playing!

Creating a server:
Play Online -> Create Game -> Configure all of your wishes and look forward to the involvement of other players, friends or invite friends via Steam. -> Playing!

The game is recommended to play with a joystick.
If you have problems running the game, try to install XNA Framework.

To change management required to jump duck on the main screen left up.

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Duck Game / (2015)

Duck Game / (2015)

Duck Game / (2015)

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