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Genre: Arcade, Sandbox
Developer: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
Site Developer: Mojang
Language: Multilingual
Platform: PC
System requirements:
> Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1
> Processor: 1.4 GHz, RAM 512 Mb
> Video: 128 Mb, OpenGL 1.4
> Hard Disk: 500

Computer indie game Minecraft (Maynkraft) has developed a programmer Markus Persson, also known under the nickname of the players Minecraft name Notch form two English words - mine (mine) and craft (craft) - that is, the literal translation sounds like "mine craft."

As of 2014 the number of sales Minikrafta exceeded sixty million, the number of registered players has exceeded one hundred million people, and the game itself has received prestigious awards and GOLDEN JOYSTICK AWARD VIDEO GAME AWARDS.

Maynkraft consists of five different game modes:

Observer - in English "spectator";
Adventure - in English "adventure";
survival - in English "survival";
Hardcore - in English "hardcore";
creativity - in English "creative".

In spectator mode the player watching the game without interacting with the world Maynkraft. Only when an observer player gains the ability to fly through the blocks and entities.The observer is constantly flying maynkraft - can not move around on foot step. In the "Spectator" mobs do not see the player, and the observer does not damage or take damage.The only thing capable of harm to the observer - is emptiness and the team /KILL.Nablyudenie - the only mode that starts in Maynkraft in debug mode.

In Adventure mode, players are not able to destroy blocks and set, but "maynkraftery" interact with the objects of craft and mobs.In adventure mode, you can play standard survival as the resource of time is spent gathering food for sustenance, and the players do not have time to build a shelter to wait outthe dark world. Therefore, the beginning player is important to quickly find a village that can provide them with shelter. In the "adventure" for beginners it is advisable to include a bonus chest or cheats.

In Minecraft 1.8.6 Adventure mode has changed and now the "miners" not to destroy the blocks, even using for this tools. The creators of the map in "adventure" Minecraft 1.8.6 using console commands are able to give the player the tools - but only on certain blocks.

In survival mode Maynkrafta players in the world:

satisfy hunger;
Erect buildings;
destroy mobs;
collect resources;
explore the environment;

The "survival" miners equip inventory, which stores the results by items and tools. Player in the "survival" is able to create objects of the recipe - a process called Kraft. Potions are created by potions and equipment - on the bench.

Survival mode is divided into two branch - single (SSP) and multiplayer (SMP).

The fifth game mode in Minecraft - a mode hardcore (hardcore), which after the death of miners created world is removed. Hardcore since the beginning of the game by default and blocked exhibited difficulty "Hard", where the mobs spawn and cause dangerous for the player, and do not cancel the Creeper explosion.

After the death of the player in the hardcore option instead of "Respawn" and the navigation buttons in the menu displayed only the button "Delete world" (remove the world). As long as you do not press this button, created by world Maynkrafta restored using third-party programs.

Interestingly hardcore health indicators (hearts) shows another picture.

Sixth game mode called Maynkraft creative (creative) and its players are given blocks of buildings, the treatment or the amount of damage that tends to infinity. The 1.8 beta if maynkrafter clicks twice on the jump, he will fly.

In the creative units in the game are destroyed at one stroke so that there was an art form - pixel art. In addition to a pixel-art construction and crafters use the built-in game fukntsii and coming up with new and unique entertainment Sports: splif etc.

The release of Minecraft 1.8 player mode, creative, if you want to make visible the invisible barrier barrier takes inventory.

Application in practice the following tips will help novice players in the world Maynkraf.

Rule №1: Coca no under itself and over itself.
Digging under a - you will fail, you will break or kill mobs. Digging on you - you flood water, lava or you burn. Using special techniques experienced players dig over and under each other without fear - for beginners as it is advisable to avoid this.

Rule №2: not hunt the Creeper unarmed.
For beginners, it is desirable to enter into battle with a creeper only with the diamond sword or other weapon. Applications running and onions increases the chances of a player to survive in the world Maynkraft.

Rule №3: spend the night in the shelter.
In the dark world Maynkraft spawn mobs in the collision with which newcomers without equipment 100% will die.

Rule №4: Observe safety with fire.
If you are new accident will burn at least one block, it will be without a home. To avoid this, build a house of refractory blocks.

Rule №5: mark the route.
Novice players in the woods or easy to get lost under the ground - so leave the mark of the blocks and record benchmarks. To avoid getting lost in the world Maykraft, use the path of the red dust.

The release of Minecraft 1.8.6 held May 25, 2015. The update to the index 1.8.6 fixed an exploit with tablets and command units.
Different versions of Minecraft have their own characteristics. In general, the version 1.8 of the game was marked by a number of improvements under the name "generous upgrade", but in version 1. 8.6 do not have any special additions or improvements mainly relate to improvements of this version of the hotfix and removal of previous errors and improve safety.These updates are practically invisible, so some seriously think that such an update is not necessary.Nevertheless, it is necessary to warn that this version is designed specifically for people who do not want to accidentally lose your server or save.Specifically, in this version of the hotfix number.The changes were non-existent players in the online worksheet, improved lighthouse light, elimination of errors in some attributes, command block and sending the data and move to the serverThey were also corrected and improved. So if you want an optimal, stable, more reliable version - safely install Minecraft 1.8.6 and enjoy the game!

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Minecraft 1.8.6 / (2015)

Minecraft 1.8.6 / (2015)

Minecraft 1.8.6 / (2015)

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