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Genre: Action, Logic
Developer: Prism Studios
Publisher: Prism Studios
Publication Type: Repak
Game Version: 1.02 (05.07.2015)
Language: English / Multilingual / MULTI25
Language: English
Tablet: Rev Steam Emulator (11.06.2015)

System requirements:
• Operating System: Windows Vista / 7/8 / 8.1
• Processor: AMD / Intel 2 GHz Dual-Core
• Memory: 1 GB
• Video Card: Direct X 9.0+ Capable GPU with 256 MB VRAM
• Hard drive space: 7.5 GB

The game moved to 1952.In laboratory studies the nature of portals «Aperture Laboratories» comes Olympic athlete by the name of Mel, to conduct tests of the new capsule a quick getaway.However, the experiment was unsuccessful, resulting in failure Mel spent in deep sleep stage long period of time.Further, the game's plot begins to develop between the events of the first and second part of the series «Portal», Mel left the capsule and gets a prototype handheld portal device to leave the dilapidated laboratory complex, and find information about the accident happened.

From the point of view of building gameplay, «Portal Stories» offers no innovations based gameplay as is the use of a portal device and various objects (jumping platform,gel, etc.) for the passage of test chambers. Addition of a fairly high level of difficulty of puzzles and the minimum number of prompts.The decision of the majority of tasks involves an intricate chain of logic in which the key to solve the next problem is the correct definition of the workflow.

Features repack
Do not cut
Do not recoded
Game Version: 1.02 (05.07.2015)
Time: about 5 minutes

Portal Stories: Mel (v. 1.02 (05.07.2015)) (2015) PC | RePack by Tolyak26

Portal Stories: Mel (v. 1.02 (05.07.2015)) (2015) PC | RePack by Tolyak26

Portal Stories: Mel (v. 1.02 (05.07.2015)) (2015) PC | RePack by Tolyak26

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