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When a sudden catastrophe hit the city, all that had the protagonist - to run to his taxi. Now he has to use their driving skills in the rescue and evacuation of the few survivors.The task is complicated mutant zombies, which have become citizens due to chemical emissions - the city is full of them in large quantities.
To get to the next block a whole, you have to turn your car into a killing machine - crumble crowd of hungry dead bumper or use weapons (from flamethrower toelectromagnetic guns). The game features a huge city, 17 single-player missions, 6 different cars, 3 specifications for upgrades, 5 weapons, dynamic system of counting murders and several types of zombies.

Title: Zombie Driver + Summer of Slaughter DLC
Publication Type: pirates
Genre: Arcade, Racing, (Cars), 3D
Developer: Exor Studios
Year: 2010
Released DLC: July 23, 2011
Platform: PC
Version: v1.2.7
Language: Russian
Multiplayer: No
Tablet: Integrated (RevLoader)

System requirements:
Operating System: Windows 7 / Vista / XP
CPU:: Intel Pentium processor with a clock speed of 1.6 GHz or equivalent AMD Athlon
Video card: compatible with DirectX, Memory 128MB or better with Shader 3.0
Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX® 9.0
Free hard drive space: 850 MB

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