SSX: Deadly Descents (2012) torrent download

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SSX: Deadly Descents (2012)

Air and colorful visual style inherent in previous installments SSX, was replaced by a stern and grim realism.Execution of crazy stunts, which in principle can not be performed on a real mountain slope - pushed aside.The main theme in Deadly Descents - a "survival" in the harsh climatic conditions during the rapid descent from the peaks of the Himalayas or the hills somewhere in Antarctica, with a temperature of minusfifty degrees. A positive - we will be able to jump on the slopes by helicopters, skedaddle from avalanches and use special suits-wings (wingsuit), allows you to freely float during a jump from the mountain.

Genre: Arcade
Developer: EA Canada
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Release date: January 2012

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