Pocket Tanks Deluxe (2011) torrent download

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Pocket Tanks - This arcade game in which the protagonists are two tanks, firing at the queues at each other different types of weapons. The choice has a huge amount of weapons, it is possible to play with the computer, with the player on the same computer or over a network.

Released: 2011
Genre: 2D, Arcade, Shooter, turn-based strategy, artillery
Developer: BlitWise Productions LLC
Published: BlitWise Productions LLC
Language: English

- Before the game, players select weapons. To do this, create a list of 20 types of weapons (total - 250 species), which may be repeated.Weapons differ on the effects (type of shot and the score for the hit) and can be used not only for earning points (for example, measuring angles, Tracer).
- At the beginning of the game randomly generated map, in different parts of which are located the tanks. Each player (human or computer) manages one of these tanks.The tank can be four times the whole party to move on the map for a limited distance. However, the tank can not pass on any terrain: steep slopes too he can not overcome.
- Before firing the weapon the player chooses, sets the angle of the trunk and the power of the shot. After firing the weapon disappears from the list. The number of moves in the game is limited to the number of weapons (20 strokes). The projectile, departing for the left or right corner of the screen disappears.
- Victory wins the player who at the end of the round scored more points. Points are awarded for hitting the enemy tank and removed for getting into your own.

System requirements:
- Windows 9X / NT / 2000 / ME / XP / Vista

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