M. Night Shyamalan: The Last Airbender (2011) torrent download

Posted: 23-07-2015, 12:31 | Downloads: 706
Air Nomads, Water Tribe, Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation. Four nations were linked by fate when the Fire Nation began a brutal war against all.A hundred years without any hope to change something in this world. Fire Nation almost close to victory in the war.Caught between the struggle and courage, young Aang realizes that he - Avatar with the power to command the four elements, and that only he can return to balance and restore peace to the land.Together with a young lady of water Katara and her brother Sokka, he goes on a journey. Fight to the end in this turn-based strategy based on the movie.

Genre: Arcade, Casual
Developer: Create Games
Publisher: Big Blue Bubble
Language: Multilingual (amateur translation)
Audio language: n / a (not available)
Publication Type: pirates

System requirements:
Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7
Processor: 1600 Hz
RAM: 512 MB
Video Card: 128 MB
Additional software: DirectX 9.0

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