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The fact that Darksiders will show, it became known in October 2009, before the release of the first part. It was also announced that Darksiders 2 will probably be added mode of joint passage. Previously, information appeared that the game will go on sale in 2012 fiscal year.

The first part of Darksiders out January 8, 2010 on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and 24 September 2010 on personal computers.The protagonist of the game - one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse - war. He comes to the human world, destroyed by the war between Heaven and Hell to restore the balance between the two forces.

I engaged in development of the game studio Vigil Games, which was founded by comic book author Joe Madureira (Joe Madureira). In working on Darksiders Madureira he acted as creative director. The game was positively received by critics.

Genre: Action
Publisher: THQ
Publisher in Russia: Buka
Developer: Vigil
Released: 2012

- The hero will Horseman Named Death.
- Actions of the sequel takes place parallel to the first action of the game - is looking for a way to justify the death of his brother War.
- Fighting Style Death otlchiaetsya significantly from that war: the new Horsemen of the Apocalypse much faster, more agile, while saying less and less hardy.
- The main weapon of Death - two short-handed scythe that during the execution of combos can be joined into a single weapon.
- Will continue to be present additional weapons (according to some reports - two-handed hammer ax)
- The horse will remain
- In the sequel to the RPG-component will be a lot more than the original:
- There are standard attributes (strength, dexterity, constitution)
- There will be a tree of abilities that allows both to develop a fast style of death, and make it heavier and stronger war or caster. Capabilities may be combined.
- Will have a chance to loot ordinary monsters (pieces of armor - perrchatki, shoulders, knee, etc.). Unique bosses continue to loot.
- Improvements (present in the original) will also be more they will strengthen the ability of certain death, depending on the style of play.
- Will (much, according to developers, is in doubt) over locations, monsters, enemies per square meter and puzzles.
- Magic and chaotic form and will be developed. Chaotic form of death - a huge figure in the hood with bone wings behind the back (much closer to kanonichekomu images of death, rather than the main character's appearance)
- It seems to be a kind of Humor. Death is not so serious and brutal as his brother.
- In place of the harpoon will shadow glove (the principle is the same as that of the Harpoon, but the appearance resembles a hand of Nero DMC4)
- With their claws Death can slide along the walls (the principle is the same as in the Prince of Persia 2008)
- Huge bosses will stay, some will be much more bosses from the first part.
- Is likely to be more familiar tools and interface rpgshnikam trade (otherwise where merge all unnecessary loot)

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