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Posted: 17-07-2015, 00:34 | Downloads: 800
Here is an adventure game «Lemma», which is based on elements of parkour. The game takes us on a mysterious island deserted.Moving forward on a variety of colorfully traced locations, you have to interact with a mysterious stranger who is similar to you was abandoned on the island.The game «Lemma» is not static - each made you welcome parkour lets you change the environment, destroying or creating a surface. Try to take advantage of it in order to successfully complete the entire island.

Released: 2015
Genre: Adventure, Arcade (first-person parkour)
Developer: Evan Todd
Publisher: Evan Todd
Language: English, Polish
Remedy: Complete (RLD)

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows Vista, Se7en, w8n, w8.1n
CPU Dual core 2.66 GHz, RAM 2 Gb
VRAM 1 Gb, DirectX 9.0c, Shader Model 3.0
The HDD 1 Gb

1. Mount image file rld-lemma.iso in a virtual drive.
2. install, configure installation options in the installer.
3. Upon completion of a successful installation, copy the files from the folder Crack (in the image) to a folder with a game.
4. Everything is ready for launch, enjoyable game.

* Upon completion of the installation, it is recommended to agree to the installation of additional software if you already have the necessary software - you will be informed, and if not - to update.

Lemma (2015)

Lemma (2015)

Lemma (2015)

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