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Genre: Action, RPG
Developer: Techland
Publisher: Techland
Language: RUS | ENG | Multi9
Лекарство: Присутствует (RELOADED | ALI213 | 3DM | RVTFiX (для игры по сети))

Dying Light - action-survival game in the first person. The game takes place in a huge open world and dangerous.During the day you wander through the city, devastated by a mysterious epidemic, trying to find ammo and manufacture a weapon that will help you in combat with hordes of mindless bloodthirsty enemies generatedplague. At night, the hunter becomes the prey itself as strength and aggressiveness of infected grows.But even more deadly are nocturnal predators of non-human origin, leaving their den in search of food. You have to use all your skills and to use any means to survive until dawn.

Features of release:
Dying Light Ultimate Edition
* Cтраница в магазине Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/239140/
* Версия игры:
* Контент загружен 27 января 2015г и полностью идентичен лицензионной версии игры распространяемой в Steam.
* Игровой контент упакован в простой инсталлятор с сжатием по-умолчанию.

Руководство запуска игры по сети:

Используем таблетку от "RVTFiX"

Starting the game:
Запускаем Steam и заходим в аккаунт \ Запускаем любой имитатор LAN и входим в комнату/сеть с игроками (Либо используем настоящую локальную сеть).
Запускаем игру через ярлык на рабочем столе или DyingLightGame.exe в папке с игрой
In Game:
Для открытия доступа к сетевой игре сначала проходим задание "пробуждение"

* Через Steam:
(После пролога) Кампания —> В игре "ESC", жмем на свой профиль —> Поиск игры \ Принимаем приглашение через систему друзей Steam —> Наслаждаемся игрой.

Локальная сеть:
(После пролога) Кампания —> Параметры сетевой игры (С) —> Ставим сеть Общая \ Частная \ Локальная сеть —> В игре "ESC", жмем на свой профиль —> Вводим ip-адрес сервера друга или ищем другой —> Наслаждаемся игрой.
Creating a server:
* Через Steam:
Кампания —> Параметры сетевой игры (С) —> Начать игру —> Ожидаем подключения других игроков или приглашаем друзей через Steam.

Локальная сеть:
Кампания —> Параметры сетевой игры (С) —> Ставим сеть Общая \ Частная \ Локальная сеть (если играете через Tunngle и подобные программы) —> Начать игру —> ESC, создать локальный сервер —> Ожидаем подключения других игроков из комнаты, сообщив всем свой IP в программе или локальной сети.

Best Buy Exclusive Outfits Pre Order Bonuses, DLC
Ninja Outfit - allows you to wear a mask of the legendary Japanese killers and hiding in the shadows of the quarantine zone.
Special Agent Outfit - allow to get a protective vest, knee pads and sturdy shoes.

GameStop Exclusive Weapons Pack Pre Order Bonuses, DLC
Buzz Killer Weapon Pack - hammer with a reinforced handle and work milling disc attached to its end. Especially effective against armored opponents as easily cuts through their armor. If you have a problem - Buzz is easy to solve it.
The Lacerator Weapon Pack - improvised weapon resembling a rake, but certainly much more deadly. His long sturdy shaft, topped with six blades that cuts deeply into the flesh of the enemy.
Night Club Weapon Pack - steel tube combined with vivid glowing elements protected by a metal frame. At night, giving small flashing lights around. When you attack the enemy's critical hit, reproduce bright flash luminous element capable blind nearby enemies.

Dying Light Season Pass DLC
Stay in Haran, will be even more fun! With seasonal access you get three cool pack DLC.Test your skills in the all-time test exclusive missions Cuisine & Cargo, to get extra weapons and skins, as well as take part in The Bozak Horde - a completely new competitive game mode.
Cuisine & Cargo
Adds to the game two missions. Heroes will explore the surroundings of the town of Harran in the beginning of the epidemic: in particular, they will visit an abandoned restaurant and railway tracks.
Ultimate Survivor Bundle
Seven precious objects: three pieces of equipment and four drawings, on which you can build a weapon:
Punk Queen Weapon Pack,
The Constable Weapon Pack,
Wrench Kiss Weapon Pack,
Alienware Outfit,
Nvidia Outfit,
Techland Outfit,
Urban Explorer Outfit.
The Bozak Horde
The Bozak Horde action unfold in the stadium Harr. It gamers will face endless waves of zombies. With each of these enemies will become stronger and more numerous.

Be the Zombie DLC
Become Night Hunter and go in search of survivors.Playing for an absolute zombie predator, you will be able to invade other players, bringing in their battle for survival even more horror.Kill their prey and develop superhuman abilities, to become the most horrible nightmare, which only saw Haran. Discover busy asymmetrical multiplayer mode as a terrifying force, compounded by the invasion.

√ System: 7 / Vista / 8.1;
√ Processor: Intel® Core ™ i5-2500 @ 3.3 GHz | AMD FX-8320 @ 3.5 GHz;
√ RAM: 4 GB;
√ Hard disk space: 15.4 GB;
√ Sound Card: Compatible with DirectX
√ Video: 1 GB of video memory NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 560 / AMD Radeon ™ HD 6


Dying Light Ultimate Edition (Update 1) (2015 / PC / Steam-Ri / Rus) by tg

Dying Light Ultimate Edition (Update 1) (2015 / PC / Steam-Ri / Rus) by tg

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