Stargate Resistance (Revival / Revival) (2010, Action) torrent download

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Genre: Action
Developer: Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment
Publisher: Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment
Developer website:
Language: English
Platform: Windows
System requirements:

Minimum system requirements:
2,0 GHz • Single Core Processor
• 512 Mbytes RAM
• NVIDIA 6200 or ATI Radeon + 9600 + Video Card
• 3-4 Gbytes of disk space

Recommended system requirements:
• 2,4 + GHz Dual Core Processor
• 1 GBytes of RAM
• NVIDIA 7800GTX + or ATI X1300 + Video Card
• 3-4 Gbytes of disk space
Now actively discussed topic of revival of the official online - shooter Stargate Resistance (closed in 2011 as a result of publication of differences Sheyenne Mountain Entertainment Companiesand Dark Comet Games), who found a new life as a pirate servers, thanks to the enthusiasm of foreign counterparts.
Therefore, it is now important that these servers are not empty for us. In addition, the game works, and EXCELLENT! A Stargate atmosphere will allow you to plunge into the world, familiar from childhood.
Of course, we need you, because we plan to further expand the presence of Russian-speaking fans of the Stargate on those servers (and possibly create your own). In addition, it is planned Russification game client.
Game Stargate Resistance - is the action in the iconic universe of "Star Gate", which appeared in 2010, the year.
In Stargate Resistance have six classes of different characters, and each of them has both its strengths and weaknesses. Everyone has their own unique characteristics and skills.
Player of Stargate Resistance will be able to choose one of the two warring sides - the Earth Stargate Command and "extraterrestrial" System Lords.

At the moment the game is available 4 planets:
> Amarna - the oldest temple of the Goa'uld.
> Land - the main base of Stargate Command.
> Leonops - Palace of Justice Goa'uld.
> Piramess - a world steeped in eternal winter.

The game is available for a fraction of Class 3 System Lords:
> Goa'uld (tape device with the features of treatment, the primary attack and repulsion; Shield, saving bullets (to activate press F).
> Jaffa (Staff who can repel enemies, stun grenades).
> Ashrak (Dagger; Harakash - a device that suppresses your enemies, not letting them run and jump, while restoring some health; Invisibility (to activate press F).

The game is available for 3-grade fraction SGC:
> Soldiers (P90; Grenade Launcher; Smoke grenades)
> Commando (sniper rifle that can see hidden Ashrakov; gun; Mines)
> Scientists (Pistol; Nanitnoe device, a healing your allies or poison your enemies; automatic turret; Nanitny dispenser, which restores the health of all nearby allies).

The project itself - is quite specific, and like not all. But this does not prevent him from being quite popular.

Extras. Info:

Installing and running the game:

Installing the game StarGate Resistance:
1) Run the installer SETUP.exe.
2) In the new window, select "Install the game."
3) Select the local drive and folder where you want to install the game.
4) Wait until the installation is completed.
Installing additional components to complete the game in StarGate Resistance (REQUIRED):
1) Installation WARNING !!! Unreal Engine add-on your PC is required !!! Without this add-on will not even start the game.
2) Installation of DirectX and Visual C ++ is done by the user. If you already have DirectX and Visual C ++ is the same version or newer, the installation of these components can be omitted !.
To start the game, use the shortcut on the desktop "StarGate Resistance.exe" or run the file in the root Wheelchair games: "Binaries / Win32 / SGBGame.exe"
After starting the game you will be shown a screen for entering a name and password. You can create absolutely any name (in Latin letters), but you can ignore the password. It is important to note that your name is created and will appear in the game, and you can change it at any time.
If everything is done correctly, loaded galaxy map, and a list of available servers.
Just click the "Join".

Stargate Resistance (Revival / Revival) (2010, Action)

Stargate Resistance (Revival / Revival) (2010, Action)

Stargate Resistance (Revival / Revival) (2010, Action)

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