Half-Life (1998 / PC / Rus) by tg download torrent

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Released: 1998
Genre: Action / First Person Shooter
Developer: Valve Software
Publisher: Valve Software
Language: Multilingual, English

Received the title "Game of the Year" from more than 50 publications, Valve's debut game blends action, adventure and award-winning technology to create stunningly realistic world in whichthe player must think to survive. Also it contains fascinating multiplayer mode, allowing you to play against friends and enemies around the world.

Installer components:
- Half-Life version:
Protocol version 48
Exe version (valve)
Exe build: 13:14:12 Aug 29, 2013 (6153)
- Softonic text
- Russian voiceover
- SETTI - Pirate servers
- Valve - Licensed Servers

Error: This application has failed to start because MSVCR100.dll was not found ...
You must install the redistributable Microsoft Visual C ++ 2010. The installation file package is located in the "FAQ / vcredist_x86-2010sp1.exe".

Does not work search servers.
Search does not always work right. Try to start the search servers in 15-20 seconds to wait after the start of the game. If does not work, please be a little patience and click the button "Refresh all" with an interval of 5-10 seconds until you get a list of servers.
If the server still does not seek, replace the master server as the response is written below.

How to change the search server the master server
Master server can be automatically changed using the "FAQ / MasterServerChanger.exe" program.
To manually replace, change the IP master server rev.ini file (located in the folder with the game) in MasterServer line, for example:
MasterServer = 27010
where, the IP master server, replace only not recommended to change the IP address, the other lines.

Game freezes
Most of the problems solved by cleaning the registry and reinstall your game.
To clean the registry, open the file "FAQ / ValveCleaner.reg".

- Processor with a clock frequency of 800 MHz or higher
- 128 MB RAM
- 32 MB card +
- Operating system Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
- Mouse, keyboard
- access to the Internet


Half-Life (1998 / PC / Rus) by tg

Half-Life (1998 / PC / Rus) by tg

Half-Life (1998 / PC / Rus) by tg

Half-Life (1998 / PC / Rus) by tg

Half-Life (1998 / PC / Rus) by tg

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