Rust Experimental (v.1211) (2013 / PC / Repack / Rus) by R.G. Alkad download torrent

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Genre: Simulation, sandbox, fps
Developer: Facepunch Studios
Publisher: Facepunch Studios
Language: Rus | Eng
Medicine: Sew

Rust - This game is about survival in the world among players and zombies.
We are not alone in this world. Besides us, there are people, zombies and animals. If the first two clear, then all the more interesting animals.Developers in your game longer want to pay attention to nature. Here you will meet and rabbits and bears, and wolves. If the rabbit is not harmful to us, then the bears and wolves is not so simple.Predators are also trying to survive, so do not think that they are so easy to give up. No, for any approach they start biting and trying to kill you, so you become dinner. More and radiation does not live in peace.

Information for beginners and intermediate (starting to play, how to use a so-and-so is where to find it), all in Russian -
A long list of servers for the game (while only a license, but developed such promise and support the pirate) -

Also in the game there is Kraft, however, to find materials are not so easy to craft. You can create almost anything:
- Armor
- Weapons
- Useful tools
- Section for the construction of the building.
and many other things, but my craft is not limited to this, you can also find a book with recipes and learn them!

Features Repack

• The release is based on the steam version of 21.02.2015.
• Data compression is lossless.
• Release prepared R.G. Alkad, author - KosiakS.

The installation path must not contain Russian letters!

If you select the 32-bit version installed 64-bit, run Setup.exe as Administrator.

1. Run Setup.exe.
2. Follow the prompts of the installer to configure the installation settings, and install.
3. Upon completion of a successful installation, you need to run the game folder Rust.exe to install EAC.
Enter the player's name (nickname).
Enter the game and press F1.
Enter client.connect ip_adress: port, where "ip_adress" - IP address of the server, and "port" the port number.

If you game crashes when entering the IP in the console or Povljana error Disconnected: Steam Auth Startup: k_EBeginAuthSessionResultInvalidTicket, then you need to do the following:

1. Open "the Windows Control Panel", select "User Accounts" (for windows 7 turn on the display - the small icon), then select "Manage another account entry", "Create Account".
2. Enter / Select:
1) The name of the profile is strictly in English. language (for example, Vasia), be sure to put your password
2) the type of account - administrator.
3. Click "Create Account" button.
4. Now open the folder with the game and
5. Place your mouse over Rust.exe, hold down the Shift key and RMB to open the context menu, select "Run as different user"
6. In the input box, enter the name and password of the newly created account, and then click OK
7. Play.

Rust Experimental (v.1211) (2013 / PC / Repack / Rus) by R.G. Alkad
Rust Experimental (v.1211) (2013 / PC / Repack / Rus) by R.G. Alkad

Rust Experimental (v.1211) (2013 / PC / Repack / Rus) by R.G. Alkad

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