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Genre: Action
Developer: PARANOIA TEAM, Uncle Misha (Xash3D)
Year: 2007-2014
Platform: PC

Language: Multilingual, English

System requirements:
Operating System: Windows 7/8 / 8.1
Processor: 2 GHZ
Video Card: 128 MB of VRAM
Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
Hard disk space: 1 GB

You play the role of a fighter group "Alpha" and perform combat missions to destroy the terrorists and protect civilians. Do you think your job is not the usual suspect that future events will become for you a real nightmare ...


- Game universe with its own story and unique characters;
- A real Russian architecture levels (a detailed study of the environment);
- Three hours of playing time;
- New visual effects (bump mapping, light reflections, dynamic lighting, detailed textures, etc.);
- Improved intelligence opponents;
- Improved firing system (Iron Sight);
- Music band slot and own compositions in the style of "dark ambient";
- The Russian-speaking voice (more than 10 different voices);
- The credits system (Russian and English).

Features The Game Edition:

As the name suggests, the game is still the same, "Paranoia", but in the form of independent games that does not require Half-Life presets. As the game engine was used Xash3D Engine.Why is it all, some ask. The first independent game - it is always convenient for the end user.Especially because in the case of PARANOIA, a mod that requires to run Steam (well, at least most of the people it is set, it is used Steam-version of Half-Life), there isthe problem with the risk to get banned for using the modified opengl32.dll, forcing torrentgamesnet user to take extra body movements in order to avoid this danger.In the case of this release is such a problem is eliminated. At the same time, "Paranoia" is still the mod, interest in which is not quenched, judging, at least, according to statistics of downloads and reviews on ModDB.So the point of self-release the game "Paranoia" is, even now, after 6.5 years after the first fashion outlet. Secondly, the game is perfectly combined with the engine Xash3D.So that the output PARANOIA: The Game Edition at the same time increase the popularity of the second good creation of an independent national igroindustrii, so to speak.In addition, "Paranoia," even as a fashion, initially has the makings of an independent game, since almost no use of the resources of the Half-Life.Well, and, thirdly, I hope that this release will allow to find the solution in advance of any possible technical problems related to the upcoming PARANOIA 2: Savior (or make sure that there are no unforeseen problems will not arise). So please, play and leave reviews.

Features repack:

Do not cut | Do not recoded
Fashion version - 1.2.2
Installing additional. P.O. (DrectX, VCRedist)
Author - OutdoZ

Paranoia: The Game Edition (2007-2014) PC | RePack

Paranoia: The Game Edition (2007-2014) PC | RePack

Paranoia: The Game Edition (2007-2014) PC | RePack

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