MDK 2 HD (2011) (RUS/ENG)(Repack) torrent download

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Developer: BioWare
Publisher: Interplay Entertainment
Year: 2011
Publication Type: RePack [Repack]
Version: v1.0
Language: RUS
Sound language: ENG

The game begins in Earth orbit.The protagonists are celebrating victory, Kurt Hektik wants to return to his duties cleaner, but the ground attack new maynkravler and resends Dr. Kurt to stop him.After killing the manager Kurt is going to return to the station, but it captures Schwangyu Schwing.The doctor tries to warn him, but the relationship with the wilderness of the nearby ship in orbit, so Dr. Hawkins sends Max to deal with the problem.When Max makes its way through the ship to fight it too taken prisoner, and at this time, "Jim Dandy" landed aliens.Dr. valiantly fighting with aliens, win, it sends itself Kurt, Kurt without a suit, and Dr. Hawkins gives him a new and sends rescue Max.Kurt smashes the ship saves Max and wins Schwangyu Schwinge. After the battle, the heroes have contacted a doctor, but heard the voice of aliens and realized that their leader was captured.Schwangyu undermines the ship, and Kurt rushes him to open the portal. Max goes to the shuttle in the "Jim Dandy" to save the Doctor.There he destroys evil "brother" - Robo-Dog, and saves his inventor. The doctor sends him into the portal, meaning that out of there and go all alien raids, and continues to clean the ship from alien headed by rival intelligence - Bi Bi Eph.

1.10 levels.
2.New HD textures of the highest quality.
3.Incredibly easy to control game with awesome graphics!
System requirements:
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP | Vista | 7
Processor: 2 GHz
RAM: 512 MB
Hard disk space: 600 MB
Sound Card: Compatible with DirectX 9.0
Video: 256 MB

Features repack:

- Do not cut and not recoded
- Quality audio/video 100%
- Exclusive installer for the game
- Multilanguage translation (Voice + Text)
- RePacked by SimOnuS

MDK 2 HD (2011) (RUS / ENG) (Repack)

MDK 2 HD (2011) (RUS / ENG) (Repack)

MDK 2 HD (2011) (RUS / ENG) (Repack)

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