LA Cops (Update 1) (2015/PC/Rus) by tg torrent download

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Genre: Indie, 3D, Action, Arcade, Action, Strategy
Developer: Modern Dream
Publisher: Team17 Digital Ltd
Language: Multilingual (at steam_api.ini prescribe Language = russian)
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LA Cops is an arcade isometric shooter in the style of Hotline Miami, which tells about the everyday work of police officers from Los Angeles! But if, for example, often provokes Hotline Miami to run forward at random and headlong - LA Cops more tactical.

The project action takes place in the 70-ies when hippies had already died down, but the quiet life to dream yet. In the game used a fairly standard isometric projection.The developers describe their creation as a three-dimensional shooter with a view from the top, where you have to act quickly to make operational decisions and to think in multiple directions at once.The interface and management thought out to the smallest detail, allowing you to easily position their "subordinates" and promptly fell opponents!

This is a story about six policemen, and, as they say, there is both good and bad. Police can be managed individually - to put one in a certain direction, to back, others go. Or, to control two.

And try not to lose your partner, the game becomes very difficult very quickly when there is no one to cover you.

> OS: Windows 7/8
> CPU: i3 / i5
> RAM: 4 Gb
> Video card: NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT
> Hard disk: 1 Gb free space


LA Cops (Update 1) (2015 / PC / Rus) by tg

LA Cops (Update 1) (2015 / PC / Rus) by tg

LA Cops (Update 1) (2015 / PC / Rus) by tg

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