Killing Floor 2 (Build 1007 | Early Access) (2015) PC | RePack by SpaceX Torrent

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Genre: Action, Adventure, Survival Horror
Developer / Publisher: Tripwire Interactive
Language: EN / FR / ID / DE / ES / PL / BR / CN + Multilingual
Language: English
Publication Type: RePack
Tablet: enclosing (ALI213 | Launcher.V7-Royalgamer06)

Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® Vista / 7/8 (64 bit)
Processor: Intel® Core ™ i3 2.66 GHz
RAM: 2048 Mb
Sound Card: Sound card compatible with DirectX® 9.0
Graphics Accelerator 1024 Mb, OpenGL 3.0
Free space on HDD: 10 Gb

Updated 04/30/15 torrent. Game Version v1.007

Killing Floor 2 - is a cooperative first-person shooter genre survival horror, developed by Tripwire Interactive 2011. It is a continuation of the game Killing Floor.In this part you are sent to continental Europe, filled with clones - the result of a failed experiment Horzine Biotech. Events unfold in a month after the action of the first game. In a world of chaos, the government collapsed, the connection does not work, destroyed by the army. People are struggling to survive.

The game did not run!
Check to see if physX 9.13.0725 (
Turn on compatibility mode to Windows 7 or Windows XP SP3
Start the game as administrator
Problems with the launcher?
Check to see if the MySQL Connector / NET 6.9.6 ( OR Connector-NET.shtml)
VERY IMPORTANT! If you start with a launcher, you need to install the game so that in a way there are no gaps!
C: / Program Files / Killing Floor 2 / - BAD

C: / Games / Killing Floor 2 / - BAD

C: / Games / KillingFloor2 / - WELL

by ganj_syndicate

Gaydik "What to do to perks remained" # dlyablondinok

Go to the folder with the game there _Launcheroffline we need two files
ALI213.ini "Change in line (PlayerName) write your nickname.
steam_api64.dll "to check it weighed at least 600Kb
Copy both files to the replacement of BinariesWin64.

The game run through KFGame.exe in the same folder.

To check, go to the game and the list of characters you must be DJ from the first part, and the server browser must be empty.

How do I connect? Very simply, after (this is important !!) Run the game, go into the launcher, run online, there is a chat in which often spread server addresses (or hostuem yourself), find the address go in the game, open the console (g or tilde) and write command Open (server address) without parentheses, if the server that you are un

PS: In the present distribution launcher Launcher.V7-Royalgamer06, which is optimized for version v1.0.0.6! As updates are released, a reference to the current launcher will be in the description.
Update v 1.007
Someone wrote:

Fixed healer screen not updating

Server browser:
Fixed max player count not showing on server browser
Added refresh indicator for server browser
Party leader can now bring their party with them when joining a passworded server
Fixed players not being able to join a server when using the Russian language

Adjusted door health and weld integrity values
Fixed single-load guns sometimes not hitting zeds after reloading
Fixed toggling Steam UI unpausing a paused, standalone game

Fixed medic with healing surge being unable to heal after level up
Fixed commando not receiving large mags bonus for current weapon
Fixed medic combatant skill giving armor every time the player switches to it
Fixed bug that allowed players at a skill unlock tier (5, 10, etc.) to change skills any time during game

Level design:
Fixed Hans getting stuck in firing range on Outpost
Fixed zeds being unable to navigate off new helipad
Fixed some minor art-related issues

Updated localization
Removed references to flashlights in SCAR, AK-12, and Bullpup deions

Fixed some third-person artifacting related to muzzle flashes
Fixed issues with flamethrower charring online

Fixed un-ending clot grab sounds
Fixed silent battle chatter for German and Russian (now uses English audio)
Fixed persistent muffled audio bug

Fixed issue with rebinding clicks with multiple commands (like fire / spectate next)
Fixed caps lock being un-bindable
Fixed voice chat binding blocking input

Fixed several exploits

Dedicated server:
Added servername and numplayers to window title
Fixed "-autoupdate" command (this will make the server check for a newer version and shut down if it detects one)

Additional gameplay crash fixes (we are still investigating and working on many of the launch crashes)
Game Features
Gameplay - take a weapon, kill enemies, for the money to acquire new weapons
This part has increased the maximum level of perks - from 6 th to 20 th
There are co-op for 6 people, new enemies and new weapons

Features RePack
Install and play!
It is based on license Steam (ID: 232090)
EN / RU Installer
Run the game from the desktop
Audio quality 100%
Video quality is 100%


There Killing.Floor.2.SDK.Package-Royalgamer06
There Killing Floor 2 Digital Extras

Sewn Launcher.V7-Royalgamer06

Killing Floor 2 (Build 1007 | Early Access) (2015) PC | RePack by SpaceX

Killing Floor 2 (Build 1007 | Early Access) (2015) PC | RePack by SpaceX

Killing Floor 2 (Build 1007 | Early Access) (2015) PC | RePack by SpaceX

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