STALK.ER: Call of Pripyat - How to enter into debt? (Repack by TorMomster) / (2014) torrent download

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Genre: Action, 1st person, Adventure
Developer: GSC Game World
Publisher: Mikhail Zarubin
Developer website:
Language: Multilingual
Platform: PC

Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1
Processor: intel core 2 duo
Memory: 1 Gb
Video: 512 Mb - 1024 Mb / nVIDIA® GeForce ™ / ATI Radeon®
Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX® 9.0
Free space on hard disk: 5 Gb

The entire game takes place on the associated location in another part of the game: «STALK.ER Clear Sky, "Military warehouse". " Total 17-18 missions (whichever choice is made late in the game), with the passage of each reveals new potential locations.

"" A new story ""

Mission mainly by the type of "radar fights." But there are also quests and search for items that improve the capacity of grouping "Debt".
Added 2 achievements: "Friend" duty "" (reward: a subordinate that your order will follow you, or will wait for him on the spot. Friendly relations with the "debt"). "Pathfinder" (reward: Friendship with the military) + static achievement.
If you choose a bad end of the game, on the basis of the military will be waiting for the Sultan, the game that offers a type of "Arena".
Shooting, defense, endless battles with the mutants, sniper hollows and active storms - that's what awaits you in this game.

"" Fully populated location "Military warehouse" ""
Eight anomalous zones (4 frying, 2 Chemistry 1 Electra, 1 gravity).
Many groups of mutants, if you go the first five major missions.
Very few "free stalkers" (to be precise, until the end of the game will be a maximum of two forces, or mercenaries - it depends on the choice of an ending).
Static anomalies are not particularly common, but many nuclear foci.
Small caches static caches +10 (each of which - a lottery luck) from me personally.

"" Small changes ''
The complexity of the game was up: for beginners is best to choose the level of "novice" and others will understand. Stay away from the radiation: real killer thing.
Trading system reconfigured: ammunition (guns, ammunition, drugs) for sale cheaper twice artifacts ½. Accordingly, the prices of goods increased.
There is absolutely no emissions, but artifacts still spavnyatsya, though extremely rare, and stage by stage.
Base "debt" is no different from the "Skadovsk" or "Midsummer". Wise not to become: a doctor, a merchant, a mechanic which constantly requires instruments (!), Some guys.
Map location in the CPC is not a navigator.

1.Read tips on the screen (at the bottom left), as the game does not differ very stable (around 5% - a mistake in logic, for example, NPC long time sitting in the combat readiness and begins to attackintercept orders in the dialog). Usually, a simple reboot of the latter, or just preserving corrects errors.
2. Metal structures highly radioactive (I repeat), if the stay a few seconds under irradiation, the health of GH begins to decline rapidly. Have a lot of antiradiation drugs or artifact "Medusa" (one is enough), but better yet buy a suit "Sevan".
3. Before the storm the base of mercenaries, get the shotgun "bump" or a sniper rifle IEDs, or SVD - it will open new opportunities for assault
Extras. Info:
Install and enjoy the area.

Features RePack
"It is based on license GSC Game World«
"Do not cut / no recoded Nothing"
"Game Version: 1.6.02"

STALK.ER: Call of Pripyat - How to enter into debt? (Repack by TorMomster) / (2014)

STALK.ER: Call of Pripyat - How to enter into debt? (Repack by TorMomster) / (2014)

STALK.ER: Call of Pripyat - How to enter into debt? (Repack by TorMomster) / (2014)

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