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Far Cry

▪ Release Date: March 23, 2004
▪ Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person
▪ Developer: Crytek
▪ Publisher: Ubisoft Entertainment
▪ Game Version:
▪ Publication Type: digital License
▪ Language: ENG | FRA
Voice ▪ Language: ENG | FRA
▪ Tablet: Not required (unprotected EXE)

√ Operating System: Windows 2000 / XP,
√ Processor: Pentium III @ 1.0 GHz
√ Memory: 256 MB
√ Video Card: 64 MB compatible with DirectX 9.0b
√ Sound Card: DirectX compatible
√ Free hard drive space: 4 GB

Tropical paradise teeming with hidden evil in the game Far Cry, cunning detailed action shooter that pushes the battle to a new level of shocking.

Independent mariner Jack Carver curses the day when he arrived at the island.A week ago, sassy reporter Valerie offered him an incredible amount of money, so he took her to this unspoiled paradise. However, soon after his arrival, the ship was attacked by Jack mysterious militia, members of which is teeming with the whole island.

His boat destroyed, his money taken away, the beautiful Valerie suddenly missing, Jack and he was in front of an army of mercenaries in the wilds of the island, with nothing but guns and wits to help him survive. But the farther he sneaks into the thick jungle, the more strange things happen around him.

Jack meets a party militia groups, which tells the horrific details of the true intentions of the mercenaries. He puts Jack's a difficult choice: fight the deadly mercenaries, or condemn the human race to the diabolical plans of a maniac.

"Feel the game engine Far Cry.Carefully planned new generation engine raises the bar for the genre of action games with the help of technologies such as proper mapping «Polybump», an advanced environment and character physics,destructible terrain, dynamic lighting, made using motion capture animation, and surround sound.
"Unparalleled long firefight. Fight on the edge of the Earth with a unique 800-meter visibility system. Observe enemies from a distance with binoculars with a motion sensor.Then choose the style of attack - from a sniper shooting at large distances from ballistic shootings in the immediate vicinity.
"Cunning and complex AI tactics. Battles are never the same when you are confronted with an unpredictable, intelligent AI mercenary with adaptive group tactics.Units are divided into the enemy snipers, hunters, scouts, and grenadiers, and they will fight you in all corners, at any distance and territories during their coordinated attacks. Commanders may also cause itself reinforcements, which will arrive by land, water or air.
"The varied combat action. Many different combat skills - close combat, long-range shooting, the tactics of the "search and destroy" covert operations and combat driving in closed and open environment.
"Tense atmosphere. Unprecedented drama and realism mixed with ideal settings, incredible shadows and lighting, weather effects, and adaptive sound effects.

Far Cry 2: Fortune's Edition

▪ Release Date: October 21, 2008
▪ Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person
▪ Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
▪ Publisher: Ubisoft Entertainment
▪ Game Version: 1.03
▪ Publication Type: digital License
▪ Language: ENG | GER | FRA | ITA | SPA
Voice ▪ Language: ENG | GER | FRA | ITA | SPA
▪ Tablet: there (Razor1911)

√ Operating System: Windows XP / Vista
√ Processor: Pentium IV @ 3.2 GHz
√ Memory: 1 GB
√ Video: 256 MB, compatible with DirectX 9.0c and Shader Model 3.0
√ Sound Card: DirectX compatible
√ Free hard drive space: 3.5 GB

You - a mercenary, as fate caught in the epicenter of the civil war in the small African province. Suffering from malaria, you are forced to cooperate with ruthless warlords on both sides of the conflict to make this place their home.

You must learn to identify the weakness of the enemy and use them to their advantage. Negates their numerical superiority, using the element of surprise, sabotage, stealth, and, of course, brute force.

"Fire.Feel the heat of the fire plausible that you have ever seen in a video game! Use wind and choose the right place arson to surround your opponent to cut off his retreat. Bring Molotov cocktails and flamethrowers, not to leave the opponent no chance.
"Destructible environments. No more obstacles: everything around you can break or adjust to your needs, even during the game on the network. Technology RealTree DUNIA game engine provides the most naturalistic system of trees and destruction of the environment.
"Open World. Experience real freedom, traveling about for more than fifty square kilometers of gaming space without borders and podzagruzok. Choose your own path in this vast terrain and explore living their lives the African world.
"The grand adventure. Fight for the two warring sides, picking up all costs to their main goal. Perform more than 70 side quests for important information, new vehicles and weapons.
"Neskriptovanny artificial intelligence. Doctors ottaschat wounded soldiers to safety. The thugs will come to scare you. Your reputation and actions compel the enemy to drop his weapon and run.
"Multiplayer mode. Challenge your friends, but do not forget to look around: you never know who is really your friend, and who - a traitor! All the technical elements of the single player are also present in a multiplayer game.

Far Cry 3: Deluxe Edition

▪ Release Date: November 29, 2012
▪ Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person
▪ Developer: Ubisoft Montreal / Ubisoft Massive
▪ Publisher: Ubisoft Entertainment
▪ Game Version: 1.05
▪ Publication Type: digital License
▪ Language: ENG | RUS | GER | FRA | ITA | SPA | POR | POL | DEN | HUN | NOR | SWI | CZE
Voice ▪ Language: ENG | RUS | GER | FRA | ITA | SPA
▪ Tablet: Is present (RELOADED)

√ Operating System: Windows Vista / 7
√ Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.6 GHz
√ Memory: 2 GB
√ Video Card: 512 MB compatible with DirectX 11 and Shader Model 3.0
√ Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 compatible
√ Free hard drive space: 15 GB

The protagonist of Far Cry 3, Jason Brody, goes on holiday with friends in the extremely beautiful tropical island. And then he is held hostage by a gang of pirates led by an insane killer Vaasa. From that point on, your task - to survive at any cost.

Jason will be embroiled in a bloody war between pirates and local rebels, in which the blood, lead and drugs flow like water. Some psychopaths fighting with others, and soon the protagonist is no longer able to distinguish between opium dream of waking insane.

Crazy Island crazy all those who set foot on its shores, and you have to be crazy to stay here. Are you out of your mind?

"First-person shooter open world. Create your own adventure itself. Choose your weapon, skills, and is where you start the job.It does not matter whether you like to shoot at anything that moves silently eliminate opponents one by one, or to deal with them at a respectful distance - you can play the way you want it.
"Island of danger and discovery. Explore the whole island, on which there was a place like mountain ranges and the Everglades and the beaches of white sand.Find relics, hunt exotic animals, play mini-games, and travel by land, water or air. Work your way through the city, the temples and river strengthening of this island!
"Open a memorable story and crazy characters. Immerse yourself in the dark side of human nature and experience the charismatic characters who came up with the Writers Guild Award winner.
"Play with your friends in a full cooperative campaign. Play over the Internet to campaign for four players where you have to go the extra mile and work together to win. Take a look at the island through the eyes of a wayward team and help her survive her own struggle.
"Another generation multiplayer games. The innovative system of awards and team play in multiplayer.To increase the level, players must help each other battle cry, reviving teammates and trigger gun support. After each battle the player can punish opponents or show mercy by choosing one of the many ways with interactive rollers.
"Use the map editor to create and use new content. Powerful and easy to use map editor Far Cry is back with new and improved features.Community creators card provides a steady stream of brand new content, the best of which sees the world. With built-in tools, you too can easily create beautiful cards.
"Cutting-edge graphics and gameplay. Far Cry 3 is being developed world-class designers who brought you the critically acclaimed games such as Assassin's Creed 2, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and World in Conflict.

3 • Far Cry - Deluxe Edition Content
3 • Far Cry - High Tides DLC

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

▪ Release Date: May 1, 2013
▪ Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person
▪ Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
▪ Publisher: Ubisoft Entertainment
▪ Game Version: 1.02
▪ Publication Type: digital License
▪ Language: ENG | RUS | GER | FRA | ITA | SPA | HUN | POR
Voice ▪ Language: ENG | RUS | GER | FRA | ITA | SPA
▪ Tablet: Is present (RELOADED)

√ Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
√ Processor: oIntel Core 2 Duo E6700 @ 3.0 GHz
√ Memory: 2 GB
√ Video Card: 512 MB DirectX 9.0c compatible
√ Sound Card: DirectX compatible
√ Free hard drive space: 4 GB

Game Far Cry 3. Blood Dragon - a completely new independent addition to the popular shooter Far Cry 3.

You are Sergeant Rex Colt, cyber-commando 4th generation. In 2007, the Earth is trying to recover from the effects of a nuclear war, which broke out in the 90s of the last century.

The conflict between the East and the West dealt a blow to the whole generation, humanity is trying to get on their feet after a disastrous decade.

We need to find new ways to achieve peace. In the US army of cyborgs have the solution: a powerful biological weapon that is on a remote island.

Your task - to collect as much information and figure out what the hell was going on.

"Furious cyber-thriller. Only you can stop an army of killer cyborgs, mutants and scientists terrible bloody dragon, shoot lasers from his eyes.Your name is Sergeant Rex "Powerful" Colt, you cyber-commando 4th generation. Get ready to deal a crushing blow to the evil.Choose any way to eliminate the evil of the seven customizable modes - Explore the enemy with shuriken, Treat shot or use the good old bomb. Your fight. Your rules. They were not lucky.
"Kill the bad, to get the girl and save the world. Sergeant Rex Colt to 50% of people 50% robot is 100% American. You do not just cyber-commando 4th generation, you piece of art.Your mission - to avenge the former battalion commander and his army of ruthless killer cyborgs, and you do not stop until you have completed your work.
"All the cliches era video clubs in one game. Icon Hollywood blockbuster Michael Biehn ("The Terminator," "Aliens," "The Abyss") returns in an explosive cyber-thriller.You will see the future just as it appeared in the era of science fiction movie 80: darkness, destruction, cyborgs, mutants ... what else do you need? Turn off your VCR, go to the game room and get ready to dive into Far Cry 3. Blood Dragon with this stereo ...

Far Cry 4: Gold

▪ Release Date: November 18, 2014
▪ Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person
▪ Developer: Ubisoft Montréal / Ubisoft Shanghai / Red Storm Entertainment
▪ Publisher: Ubisoft Entertainment
▪ Game Version: 1.10.0
▪ Publication Type: digital License
▪ Interface language: RUS
▪ Sound language: RUS
▪ Tablet: there (3DM)

√ Operating System: Windows Vista / 7/8 (x64)
√ Processor: Intel Core i5-750 @ 2.6 GHz
√ Memory: 4 GB
√ Video: 1 GB (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 / ATI Radeon HD5850)
√ Sound Card: DirectX compatible
√ Free hard drive space: 30 GB

Welcome to Kirata.

Kirata - tiny country, lost in the Himalayas. In the role of Gale Andrzej you have to go there to fulfill the last will of the mother.But it's not an easy journey - because Kirata burning civil war. Here you will learn a wide open world where dangers await at every turn. Where your every decision will have consequences, and every action creates history.

Created in the image and likeness of his illustrious predecessor, Far Cry 4 gameplay offers a brand, which has become even better in the open world, which is several times larger, and the updated system of passing a joint, allowing the game to join or leave at any time.

"You will be the most multifaceted world game in the history of Far Cry. From dense forests to the snow-covered slopes of the Himalayas - everything here is full of life ... and danger.Local jungle inhabited by leopards, rhinoceroses, eagles and bald oviphages badgers Ratel, also known as Indian honey badger. Fauna Kirata amazing and diverse, but going out to hunt, do not forget that someone could hunt and you.
"Conduct reconnaissance in enemy territory with altitude on giroplane and work out amphibious landings, using a wing suit.Ride an elephant and a six-ton ​​combat obrushte enemies of his destructive power. Choose from a vast arsenal of weapons - no matter how crazy and unpredictable nor would the coming job of work, for it will certainly find a suitable trunk!
"Optionally, to journey alone. The updated system allows you to play together to join the adventure at any time. Explore the huge world filled with life Kirata shoulder to shoulder with the best partner.
"Show your strength and skill, fighting for life and glory in the arena. The favor of the crowd and demonstrate the will to win in an unequal battle with humans and animals.
"Kirata history - a history of wars. Write your name on its pages you will be able to completely new multiplayer mode. Take toward aboriginals Kirata or mercenaries "Golden Road".
"Create your own maps in a functional and intuitive editor. Advanced tools, improved user interface allow you to implement any ideas. And then - share your creations with other players!

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• Far Cry 4 - Hurk Deluxe Pack
• Far Cry 4 - Overrun
• Far Cry 4 - Escape From Durgesh Prison

Far Cry Franchise Pack (Steam-Rip) (2004-2014 | Rus | Eng | Multi13)

Far Cry Franchise Pack (Steam-Rip) (2004-2014 | Rus | Eng | Multi13)

Far Cry Franchise Pack (Steam-Rip) (2004-2014 | Rus | Eng | Multi13)

Far Cry Franchise Pack (Steam-Rip) (2004-2014 | Rus | Eng | Multi13)

Far Cry Franchise Pack (Steam-Rip) (2004-2014 | Rus | Eng | Multi13)

Far Cry Franchise Pack (Steam-Rip) (2004-2014 | Rus | Eng | Multi13)

Far Cry Franchise Pack (Steam-Rip) (2004-2014 | Rus | Eng | Multi13)

Far Cry Franchise Pack (Steam-Rip) (2004-2014 | Rus | Eng | Multi13)

Far Cry Franchise Pack (Steam-Rip) (2004-2014 | Rus | Eng | Multi13)

Far Cry Franchise Pack (Steam-Rip) (2004-2014 | Rus | Eng | Multi13)

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