Brutal DooM (ENG | 2015) (RePack) torrent download

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Genre: First Person Shooter
Developer: Sergeant_Mark_IV
Publisher: Sergeant_Mark_IV
Publication Type: RePack
Language: English
Multiplayer: None
License: Freeware

System requirements:

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
Processor: 2 GHz
Video: 256 MB VRAM / compatible with OpenGL
Hard disk: ~ 400 MB of free space
Sound Card: any


The name speaks for itself - a brutal Doom, with plenty of blood and sadism elements. Hell blooming with new colors, thanks to the brutal modification of the classic creations id Software.Full-scale modernization of everything, as well as adding a heap of new features, such as the execution of agonizing enemies, more realistic weaponry, fountains of blood, interaction with NPC and peacefulso-so. Recommended persistent spirit of space marines, have already experienced the hard way enough devilry.

1) Weapons. First - the starting gun - it is a quick-and accurate assault rifle, which has not lost its relevance to the rest of the game.Second - if you run out of ammo, you can go to the melee. You paratrooper, remember? Beat can be hands and feet can be given to the monster in the scoreboard.Monster or fly away, or a stun or it cool burst. Third, we finally gave the weapons, not toys for children.Bullets ricochet, shrapnel flies away with a nasty squeal and shot at point blank range from pistols leaves no chance for survival. Just had an assault rifle and a shotgun appeared clip.It includes eight rounds. If you do not recharge, you can be in a situation where you desperately pounding the cartridge in front of the cartridge disgusting smiling Baron of Hell. Well, it is necessary to unscrew the gun, right?
2) the place! You can take revenge for everything and all the comrades who fell in battle with the legions of hell.You can shoot off the legs impu, provolochit plaintively yelling and vermin abutting the corridors damned Martian base and throw it into the crowd of zombies.You can shoot a zombie hand, and then finish him with his fists. Also, a major change - it packs a ozverin.Now stoned kosmpeh turns into a fierce berserk, suiting bloody apocalypse sloppy got out of hell hell. Breaking one half of zombies tear off his head to another, throw a barrel of toxic waste in the group of imps to snatch the eye in a heart-rending squeal kakodemona ...
3) The base has changed a bit. Now it is possible to find and release the captured kosmopehov them. They die quickly, but they can put a dozen other hellish creatures to death. Well, the environment has become more interactive. For example, in some places you can break lights.
4) Blood! It is literally everywhere. Flowing crimson rivers flowing down from the walls with bold champ falls from the ceiling. Flare literally tearing monsters, so severed arms and legs fly into orbit. Plazmogan roasts carcasses demons, turning them into a gray pile of ash and burned flesh.
5) Changed the intelligence and behavior of monsters. They have become smarter. And we learned a lot. Imps jumping on you, kakodemony quickly move sideways, leaving the line of fire, kicks and sprites strafe. Now this is a real challenge to serious players.

Features RePack'a
* Do not cut / no recoded
* Full set IWAD "s, as well as being a full multiplayer support.
Author RePack - DartPower

Brutal DooM (ENG | 2015) (RePack)

Brutal DooM (ENG | 2015) (RePack)

Brutal DooM (ENG | 2015) (RePack)

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