In Verbis Virtus (v 1.0.2407) (2015) PC | SteamRip from Let'sRlay download torrent

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Genre: Action, 3D, 1st Person
Developer: Indomitus Games
Publisher: Meridian4
Game Version: 1.0.2407
Publication Type: SteamRip
Language: Multilingual / English
Language: English
Tablet: Is present (NNM | CODEX)

System requirements:
√ Operating system: Windows Vista, 7, 8
√ Processor: Intel Dual Core 2,4 GHz, AMD Athlon X2 4200+
√ Memory: 2 GB
√ Video card: GeForce GTS 450 / Radeon HD 6850
√ Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
√ Free hard drive space: 5 GB

In Verbis Virtus acquaints us with an unusual history, which is closely connected with the study and the search for knowledge.On the main protagonist is not known, only small particles that we found ourselves in the wilderness, lost and on its last legs reached a certain temple.Throughout his life, studying old manuscripts in the search for truth, bit by bit collecting scattered all over the world the facts about the ancient civilization, a hero could not even imagine that the title would be directly in front ofeyes. Among the ancient ruins lies something mysterious - mystery deities called Maha'ki. And can, and not only that.

The player will visit different beautiful places: places of interest around a forgotten civilization, the unusual flora, wall characters and all sorts of signs of magic.
The whole story is revealed not at once: gradually we find little pieces of the puzzle that add to the overall picture (sometimes, as a bonus, you can even find information about parallel worlds and powerful gods).
Have perish, and not just, or at least lose a lot of health, because the danger of waiting at every turn: the fall into the abyss, a meeting with residents of the caves aggressive, unfriendly guards of the temple, deadly traps ...
The actual gameplay is very simple, as in any adventure game: the hero can walk on level, look around and interact with certain objects (all in the first person).But for the things you need to use a microphone. Yes, yes, the real voice activation - that is all the game pieces work. Say a kind of 'abracadabra' and shine your way through the dark caves. Shouts of 'hocus-pocus' - will battle beam directly from the hands.

Before installing the game disable your Antivirus and Firewall so that they are not deleted (blocked files tablets)
Attention! Before installation in the client Steam, the game should already be registered on your account, and the client Steam - closed!

1. Run the file setup.exe
2 .Vybrat version installation (cracked or steam)
3. To establish the distribution of the game
4. Play

In Verbis Virtus (v 1.0.2407) (2015) PC | SteamRip from Let'sRlay

In Verbis Virtus (v 1.0.2407) (2015) PC | SteamRip from Let'sRlay

In Verbis Virtus (v 1.0.2407) (2015) PC | SteamRip from Let'sRlay

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