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Genre: Action, FPS, Adventure, Indie, Early_Access, Simulator
Developer: Endnight Games Ltd
Publisher: Endnight Games Ltd
Publication Type: RePack
Language: Multilingual, English
Language: English
Crack: enclosing (3DM)
Version: 0.19C

Operating system: Windows ® 8/7 / Vista / XP
Processor: Intel Dual-Core 2.4 GHz
Memory: 4 | 6 GB
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT
Free hard drive space: 1.5 GB

The Forest - Action open world and a first-person, which is set in the forest, where hero to build a shelter and defend themselves from genetic mutants using an improvised weapon.

▪ ° Features Repack:

✔ Do not cut / recoded
✔ Installing additional software (Visual C ++, DirectX)
✔ Sewn on crack Prometheus Project
✔ Installation time ~ 2 min.
✔ Release from xGhost
▪ ° changes in the game:

Features and changes in The Forest 0.19:

-Added The ability to switch the color signal markers (Stick marker) (Only in the single-player game)
-Fixed Position signal markers (Stick marker) now they are on the ground, not above it.
Added the possibility of construction of boxes for storage resources on rafts.
-A Storage box logs added collision with survivors. (now you can not pass through it)
-Olen Will react to a shot from a bow, even if you missed.
-Sometimes You can see how the deer is eating the bushes.
-Balance In the destruction of buildings: Enemies can now destroy some buildings, depending on how strong they are. For example: only multiarm mutants can destroy a defensive fence (defensive wall).
-Mnogorukie Mutants will attack more and more buildings to put them significantly more damage.
-Improved Animation at the many-armed mutants.
-Improved Animation Virginia (multi-legged mutant like a spider)
-Krokodily Is now floating and can attack in water, as increased damage and health.
-Fixed A bug when the water disappears under some camera angles.
-Fixed Hand position survivor cat scene when the natives dragged him into the cave.
-Vyzhivshy Longer trembles at the sprint and endurance with a low index.
-Now Survivor to stop, in order to measure endurance restored.
-Added Slight delay recovery after endurance sprint.
-New System saves added 5 slots for singles and 5 slots for cooperative conservation (save can only host)
-Added New option for the items of equipment "Equiped" inventory, to the players understand that the subject can be put on or take.
-New Pale skinny mutant is now in the caves.
-Pererabotana Area near the beaches.
-Added Totems and Aboriginal burial.
Fixed a bug: when you open the inventory, if you use the built-in graphics (Intel) the screen was black.
Removed from the ocean pines on the new island.
-Lovushka "Happy Birthday" is now wider.
-For Trap loop area increased capture enemies.
-Now Survivor must keep the fire regularly throwing leaves / bills, otherwise the fire will go out rather quickly.
-Aborigeny And mutants will respond correctly when the player uses a survivor.
Fixed a problem with saving / loading, if the world were built a lot of experimental walls, the preservation was "serious", which led to a crash when trying to save, and later to crash when attempting to load.
-Goryaschee Weapons and arrows will not burn forever, so incinerate them directly before the attack.
-Sbalansirovano Number of enemies in the caves.
-Speed ​​Survivor movement slowed along the sandy beach.
-Information About some of collected scene objects preserved in the book of survival, in the "notes" (notes).
-Now If the fire goes out on it will run native.
-Photo Timmy is attached to a backpack, do not forget about your children!
-Improved Location triggers for climbing on the ropes in the construction of Aborigines to catch fish.
-Added Loot to build Aboriginal for fishing.
* Added animation when the survivor drinking from the lake / pond.
• Rebreathers removed from the surface, can now be found only in caves.
• Modern ax ("gold") is moved from the yacht.
• Added oxygen tanks on the boat.
• Removed rusty ax at the entrance to the cave.
• Redesigned the loot in the caves.

-Peschernye Natives can once again sleep on the ceiling.
-Added Multiarm pale mutants. Faster, stronger, more armor as opposed to "normal".
-Added Underwater effects (blurred).
-Ispravleniya Work of some gamepads.
-For Renovation of buildings is required by default 2 units wood tar. (the amount of resin required depends on the damage)
-Fixed Disappearance modifications using fins and teeth. (This bug was only for stick)
-Fixed A bug when the shot from the flare gun survivor receives damage.
-list On a camouflage suit reduced for larger view.
-Design Of the world, added: Skull of a wild boar, wild boar skull on a stick, a wild boar on the wall, a lifeline, a pile of skulls.
-Added A new cave. (There are already 9)
-New Items loot: Compass.
-New Items loot: map of the island. (Map torn into 4 parts, assemble parts and crafted a full card in the inventory)
-Added A new type of lichen-covered stones.
-Added Loot containers.
-Added Physics some small hanging objects.
-In The northern part of the island a new cold closer to the mountains, too cold, but the character is not on the beach freezing.
Fixed a bug where the fires were "invisible"
-Pantsir Turtle moved into the upper part of the inventory, for easier use.
- (Audio) Added sound of opening / closing the iron door.
- (Audio) Balance sounds of wind, falling leaves and steps of animals.
- (Audio) Added the missing sound of the roll between the Aboriginal group.
- (Audio) Added sound attack and walk to the boar.
-Now Get behind the metal door, find underwater cave in the lake with ducks. (be sure to get the rebreather)
-Increase The distance drawing trees in the ultra high settings.


- (Co-op) Fixed some cases where mutants are not properly respond to the presence of customers.
- (Co-op) Increase the priority of mutants, which makes them less "laguchimi"
- (Co-op) are added and synchronized fire.
- (Co-op) The rope is now working correctly.
- (Co-op) Added all, if the server is full.
- (Co-op) Customers can now save your event location on the server, raspavn still on the plane.
- (Co-op) Fix: loading savegames, where there were procedural ladder.
- (Co-op) Added a message: that when you exit the window via the alt + tab may lose connection.
- (Co-op) Synchronized position of the dead bodies of Aboriginal people.
- (Co-op) Fixed: sync all kinds of axes.
- (Co-op) Fixed: turtle meat was endless.

Features and changes in The Forest 0.19B:

-Fixed Bug with saving.
-Contemporary (Gold), the ax can now be found in a large village with Aboriginal dead tree.
Fixed a bug: You can not use an ax after death.

Features and changes in The Forest 0.19C:

-Ispravleniya Sohrenenii in cooperative mode.
▪ ° Install and run:

1. Download the distribution
2. Set the distribution game

The Forest (0.19C) (2015) PC | RePack by xGhost

The Forest (0.19C) (2015) PC | RePack by xGhost

The Forest (0.19C) (2015) PC | RePack by xGhost

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