Max Payne (RePack) (2001 | Rus | Eng) torrent download

Posted: 27-09-2015, 02:13 | Downloads: 754

Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 3rd Person
▪ Developer: Remedy Entertainment and 3D Realms Entertainment
▪ Publisher: Rockstar Games
▪ Game Version: 1.05
▪ Publication Type: RePack
▪ Language: ENG | RUS
Voice ▪ Language: ENG | RUS
▪ Tablet: enclosing (DEViANCE)

√ Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7
√ CPU: Pentium III 500 MHz
√ Video Card: 128 MB
√ Sound Card: DirectX 7.0 compatible
√ Free hard drive space: 1.4 GB

Former cop Max Payne suddenly lost everything.His family was killed by addicts, and then he was accused of the murder of his friend and boss, on top of that it become angry mob, which someone said that Max was introduced to one of the gangs andcollecting information for the police ... all against him, and Payne is only one - to continue to take revenge on all those who had a hand in his misfortune. He has nothing to lose, he's aggressive, sharp and does not leave behind the enemy.

Features repack:
• Do not cut
• Game archives repacked
• The sound is processed to be compatible with Win Vista +
• Sewn localization of text from the Logrus and Tycoon Studio
• Sewn on crack voice of Logrus, Tycoon Studio and NoRG
• The optional ability to install the fix for widescreen resolutions (by ThirteenAG)
• Can not download some files:
--- Data-logrus.catalyst - Russian voice of Logrus;
--- Data-tycoon.catalyst - Russian voice of Tycoon Studio;
--- Data-city.catalyst - Russian voice of NoRG;
• Installation time ~ 3 minutes

Max Payne (RePack) (2001 | Rus | Eng)

Max Payne (RePack) (2001 | Rus | Eng)

Max Payne (RePack) (2001 | Rus | Eng)

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