Project Zomboid (build 32.18) (2015) torrent download

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Genre: Simulation / RPG / Survival
Developer: The Indie Stone
Publisher: The Indie Stone
Language: English, foreign languages, French, German, Spanish, Italian and others.
Language voice: N / A

System requirements:
√ Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7
√ Processor: Intel Pentium IV - 3,0 GHz / AMD Athlon XP - 2,4 GHz
√ Memory: 1 GB
√ Video Card: 256 MB (GeForce 6800 GT / Radeon X1600 XT)
√ Sound Card: compatible with DirectX9.0c
√ Advanced: Keyboard and Mouse
√ Free hard drive space: 1,35 GB

Project Zomboid a zombie sandbox. The only question is - how will you die?
In cities Mildro and West Point have maradёrstvovat survivors, to defend and to do everything possible to delay his death.
Aid can not wait - your fate will depend on your skills, tactics and luck.
Fully open world as it is now fashionable to call - a sandbox. In every house you can go and rummage any locker. The streets are not empty, which is constantly going on - the motion. It's already done, but the ground for fantasy and vast improvements.
There is no ultimate goal, the last boss or job. The sole purpose - to survive and survive as long as possible. In the end, you still die.But how much you can last and what will be the final steps, that's the concern. The atmosphere in the game fantastic - will not carp. You alone against the whole world, and only depends on you, what will you eat tomorrow, and what kind of house you zabarrikadirueshsya night.

Project Zomboid (build 32.18) (2015)

Project Zomboid (build 32.18) (2015)

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