Killing Floor (v1064 + all DLC + AutoUpdater) (SoftKlab 1C) (RUS) (Repack) torrent download

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Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person / Horror
Developer: Tripwire Interactive
Publisher: 1C-SoftKlab

Publication Type: Repack
Language: Multilingual
Language: Multilingual
The Ever Increasing Price: Sewn
System requirements:
√ Operating system: Operating system: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 (x32 / x64)
√ Processor: 2.4 GHz or equivalent
√ Memory: 1GB
√ Video: 128 MB VRAM compatible with DirectX 9 with support for PS 2.0 (eg GForce6600)
√ Sound Card: Sound card compatible with Eax
√ Free hard drive space: 6.25 GB
Description:Killing Floor is a Co-op Survival Horror FPS, which takes place in rural areas and destroyed the cities of England, after a series of unsuccessful cloning experiments conducted by the military.You and your friends - members of the military detachment, ejected in the affected locations with one goal: to survive for as long enough to clean up the area from the victims of the experiment!

Game cards are similar to the arena for network battles of UT 2004 - Plexus corridors or areas of land in the great outdoors.Players take the position to defend and destroy the crowd of freaks, getting their scalps monetary reward.When they peremelyut another batch of "meat", will open a store selling "guns" and ammunition. The murder weapon - in abundance, although much good exotics like crossbows, flamethrowers and dvustvolok bit.
After a brief respite, rises the new "wave", bringing more flocks of monsters.To join the usual zombie freaks with chainsaws, fat men with indigestion, crawling on all fours "jumpers", invisible and "Siren" deafening ultrasonic songs.At the end of the stage creeps boss, armed with a machine gun multilateral. Menagerie is rich, only to seek approach to each enemy is not necessary.The most tricky tactical maneuver - familiar from Alien Shooter retreat backwards. Often, things are even simpler - if the team got into the middle of a long pass and bristled trunks on either side, it is almost invulnerable.

The essence of the Killing Floor is to fight a group of six people against monsters, zombies who flooded the streets of London as a result of a failed government experiment.For the destruction of undead soldiers use guns and chainsaws, and over time, each fighter gets a certain specialization.

However, in the midst of a fierce battle that lays the ears from the roar and screech, the characteristic features of the characters think in the last turn.The head usually take much more simple thoughts: how to break through the wall of the advancing bloodthirsty flesh and where the hell are fellow companions!Bring passions to the boiling point is assisted by two, in general, simple solutions. The authors removed the sight and reloading done deliberately slow. The result - a virtual character is painfully slow tinkering with the new clip on the side of the screen, cold sweats and tremors begin to penetrate this player.

In addition to firearms in the arsenal of fighters have a good old chainsaw. Whoever uses it often enough, eventually becomes a real berserker.But the best marksman becomes the title of the sniper. According to this principle - the more you practice, the better the result - are developing all six abilities that give advantages to using a particular weapon.
- Play mode alone implies vyzhiyvnie player on the cards against the numerous attacks of various zombies.
- Co-operative game mode includes the ability to play in the gears (for standard), and up to 30-35 players (at the top) against multiple servers, constantly attracted waves of monsters.
- Special perks system, allowing players to convert their gaming achievements in the skills and capabilities of their characters.
- System Slow-motion 'ZEDtime ", in order to savor the death vrazhin even in multiplayer.
- Single player is offline.
- Many different types of monsters, who are dreaming to grab you in the face, armed with everything from teeth and claws to chainsaws, machine guns and rockets.
- Dozens of types of weapons ranging from knives and fire ax to pump action shotguns, rifles and a flamethrower.
- Equip your team welders, medical gadgets and body armor to improve their chances of survival.
- Choose to play with some perks, achieving the perfect balance in your team.
- Open, non-linear space: the choice of where and when to take the fight or escape through the adjacent corridor, slamming the door and brew before the nose of the hordes of monsters, is yours.
- Fully customizable difficulty level, including the ability to change the number of monsters, and even put their type.

Extras. Info:
Features multiplayer game:
For 1 round team players need to go on the same map several different types of wave-like attacks Zombie (usually 7 waves), with each wave the number of zombies is increasing exponentially, and added all new Zombie Bosses.
In the final wave of the whole team is to kill the main boss: the Patriarch.
After each wave of players running to the traders in the store in which the purchase of various firearms, melee weapons and equipment.By killing enemies, players receive money and gain experience, go to the next level of perks. The more players in the team, the more enemies attacking them and that they are stronger.
Several species Perkov (special) to choose players with vastly different skills, abilities and weapons
There is a system of pumping his players Perk in levels.
Network battles occur in restricted cards, the type of Counter Strike. The team must be contained undulating attack hordes of zombies, and in breaks between them run to the store and replenish ammunition.

Game on the network:
Suitable for single multiplayer game on No-Steam servers on the Internet (direct IP) and LAN, and program that emulates a LAN.

Ways to connect to the game server:
1. Connect to the server through a list of favorite servers. (Preferred embodiment).
To connect to the server from the server should be elected right-click and choose to connect
Attention in the game client, in the list, add multiple IP server operating convenience.
*Attention! Before connecting to servers in favorites, change the nickname.
** When connected to some servers you need quite a long time to wait until all the necessary files, not downloaded to you in the game.

2. Connecting through the search servers in the Internet tab.
By clicking the "Update" will be the appearance of lists of servers on the Internet.

3. Connect to the server via direct IP:
Start the game, bring up the console by pressing ~ and write in it:
open hhh.hhh.hhh.hhh: PORT
where the port - the port number on which the server is running, hhh.hhh.hhh.hhh- an ip address of the server.

How to change the nickname in the multiplayer:
The file rev.ini (location: the root folder of the game), you can change the nickname: Looking for a place PlayerName = Magic_People (at the end of the file) and change Magic_People your nickname.

Install and run:
1. Run Killing_Floor_1064_RUS_ENG_FULL_AutoUpDater.exe, follow the instructions of the installer.
2. Run the game to carry the label on the desktop "Run Killing Floor" or the file "RUN_KF.exe" folder system.
* IMPORTANT: Windiws vista operating systems and later, the game should be run only "on behalf of the Administrator.
This is due to generation of a game ID.

Features repack:
- Steam-repacked license with Enclosing a tablet.
- Do not recoded, not cut.
- Sewn newest emulator Steam RevEmu.
- Installation of 10-15 minutes
- Integrated patch [v.1064] (last update of December 02, 2014)
- Integrate all existing DLC ​​contents:
Outbreak DLC Character Pack
Nightfall DLC Character Pack
PostMortem DLC Character Pack
London's Finest DLC Character pack
Steampunk DLC Character Pack
Steampunk Character Pack 2
Urban Nightmare Character Pack,
Harold Lott Character Pack 2
Ash Harding Character Pack
The Chikenator Pack
Community Weapon Pack
Robot Special Character Pack
Golden Weapons Pack
Golden Weapon Pack 2
2 Community Weapon Pack
Community Weapons Pack 3 - Us Versus Them Total Conflict Pack
Camo Weapon Pack
Reggie the Rocker Character Pack
Neon Weapon Pack
Neon Character Pack
Voltage and Magma DLC Character Pack
- Contains game modes "Toy Master Mod"
- In a game in enclosing a group list server for multiplayer games, online 24/7
- On the Internet tab, search for running servers.
- There is a program to automatically update the game Killing Floor (KillingFloorUpDater).

Killing Floor (v1064 + all DLC + AutoUpdater) (SoftKlab 1C) (RUS) (Repack)
Killing Floor (v1064 + all DLC + AutoUpdater) (SoftKlab 1C) (RUS) (Repack)
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